Howard LeVant papers, 1950-2009

The Howard LeVant Papers consist of almost entirely of photographs created by Institute of Design alum and photographer Howard LeVant; of those, most are the final versions of his work for clients. The first and largest series, Photographs, is divided into five subseries that reflect the major periods of LeVant’s commercial career: the King firm in Cleveland, Shigeta-Wright in Chicago, LeVant/Ditlove in Chicago, and LeVant Photography in Chicago. The fifth subseries contains some of LeVant’s non-commercial photography shot throughout his career. Other series contain LeVant's work reproduced on printed and published items and color positive photographic film sheets. All items in this collection are a gift of Howard LeVant.

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Mid 1800s
Bob Hope
Bull Fighter
Two wine glasses on blue
Indiana farm house
Adrienne in Holmes set
1 couple and old car
2 couples and old car
Space heater and lamp
1800s Bar
Connecticut Pier
Late 1800s
Model From Brown and Bigelow, Model in Turquoise at Table
French courtesan…my secretary
Statue of Liberty poster
Sheri Johnson…my secretary...on back stairs
Helene Curtis Annual Report
Hobo by the tracks, Upper Peninsula
Hobo head shot, Upper Peninsula