This collection consists of the annual student yearbooks at the Lewis Institute and Armour Institute of Technology, published between 1898 and 1940. The Lewis Annual ran from 1903 to 1940, the date of the combination of Lewis and Armour to create Illinois Tech. The AIT yearbook was known by three different titles: Integral (1898-1910), Senior Class Book (1911-1912), and The Cycle (1913-1940). Contents and organization of the yearbooks vary from year to year as student writers, photographers, and editors chose to include or exclude information of students by class year, members of faculty and administration, academic program, extracurricular activities, student organizations, and sports.

Scanning of the Armour Institute of Technology yearbooks was supported in part by an award from the Illinois State Historical Records Advisory Board, through funding from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, National Archives and Records Administration.

Note: the entire run of the Lewis Annual is available at the CARLI Digital Collections site: 

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Integral, 1910
Integral, 1909
Senior Class Book, 1912
Senior Class Book, 1911
The Cycle, 1923
The Cycle, 1917
The Cycle, 1918
Integral, 1907
Integral, 1908
The Cycle, 1915
The Cycle, 1916
The Cycle, 1919
Integral, 1898
The Cycle, 1929
The Cycle, 1932
The Cycle, 1924
The Cycle, 1926
The Cycle, 1940
The Cycle, 1913
The Cycle, 1927