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Tahiti Hotel: Village des Pecheurs
Tahiti Hotel: Seaside bungalow
Tahiti Hotel: Des Terrasses
Tahiti Hotel: View of chute with spa in the foreground
Mama Mia Pasta - Concept Sketch
Indiana Lofts
Indiana Lofts - West View
Indiana Lofts - East View
Tahiti Hotel: Rooms overlooking the Pacifc
Tahiti Hotel: Full moon dance
Leon's Bar-B-Q
Regents Park
Covered Market For Dearborn Station - Concept Sketch #1, Floor Plan
Proposed Grant Park Covered Market - Alternate Plan
Proposed Grant Park Covered Market @ 9th St.
Proposed Ninth Street Covered Market
Leon's Bar-B-Q model, ca. 1974-1984
Leon's Bar-B-Q: Private Lounge: Bar, Banquet, Video, Games
Leon's Bar-B-Q: Pick Up Orders or Dine at Tables
Leon's Bar-B-Q: View from 'The Street'