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Screech Tones from Rectangular Jets with Spanwise Oblique Shock-cell Structures
Cavity Resonance Suppression Using Miniature Fluidic Oscillators
Development of High Bandwidth Powered Resonance Tube Actuators with Feedback Control
Using Controlled Unsteady Fluid Mass Addition to Enhance Jet Mixing
Cessation of Screech in Underexpanded Jets
Jet-cavity Interaction Tones
Jet Thrust Vectoring Using a Miniature Fluidic Oscillator
Shock-induced Flow Resonance in Supersonic Jets of Complex Geometry
Development of Powered Resonance-tube Actuators for Aircraft Flow Control Applications
Coupling of Twin Rectangular Supersonic Jets
Supersonic Jet Screech: Half-century from Powell to the Present
Advances in Understanding Supersonic Jet Screech: Review and Perspective
Coupling of Twin Supersonic Jets of Complex Geometry