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  • The 21st Century Farm (Semester Unknown) IPRO 336 

    Al-Sabah, Mohammad; Antenor, Regine; Binet, Adrien; Broda, Dawid; Davis, Jacob; Derdelakos, Alexander; Gubser, Michael; Im, Hyeon; Handzel, Katarzyna; Kling, William; Lockom, Frank; Millham, Joseph; Nielsen, Lisa; O’Keefe, Trevor; Ochoa, Jannette; Oraziman, Indira; Ostberg, Kristin; Phillips, Zachary; Schmidt, Michael; Silvestre, Ivan; Simmonds, Claire; Jake, Skaggs; Konrad, Sobon; Philip, Speroff; Todorova, Ralitza; Valmores, Travis; Wiff, Alexander (2010-05)
  • The 21st Century Farm (Semester Unknown) IPRO 336 

    Andrews, Preston; Bhatti, Talha; Binet, Adrien; Bredau, Jason; Chen, Emily; Davis, Jacob; Gaonkar, Gaurav; Garcia, Raul; Guerrero, Fernando; Gulling, Richard; Kagehiro, Michael; Moshfeghian, Elnaz; Maria Nunez-Gimeno, Jose; Phillips, Zachary; Plumb, Isaac; Ryan, Emily; Skaggs, Jake; Sobon, Konrad; Valmores, Travis (2009-12)
    The purpose of this IPRO is to establish a strong foundation for the future of urban agriculture. We recognize the growing problems regarding the traditional methods of agriculture, and given the rate of growth of the world ...
  • 2B Developed EnPRO 351 

    Vinson, Robert; Cunningham, Ryan; McCall, Ian; Peake, Andrew; Alonso, Jesus; Kim, Min Seung; Hasija, Abhinav; Morales, Antonio; Kim, Jeong Shik (2008-05)
    It is our objective to create a medium in which to combine the need of proficient web developers for university projects/ jobs as well as others looking for similar services outside of the university, with IIT students ...
  • ACCELPharma (semester?), IPRO 353 

    Josefsson, Gustaf; Ames, Kerry; Calizo, Milagros; Schiller, Brian; Groth, Kristel; Ervin, Natalia; Holmes, Matt; Lee, Hyun; Lim, Eung; Ravi, Iyengar (2006-12)
    AccelPharma intends to enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to reintroduce withdrawn drugs to the market place through the development, validation, and deployment of personalized medicine models. It differentiates ...
  • ACCESS Healthcare IT (semester ?) IPRO 340 

    Parinda, Shah; Kumar, Shah; Kanishk, Sharma; Peter, Hung; Malwina, Jaracz; Samir, Pancha; Jacquelyn, Lange; Michael, Foster; Vladimir, Andrijevik; Vadim, Sitrisyn (2005-12)
    The overall objective of IPRO 340 is to improve the information technology that corresponds to ACCESS health care.
  • ACCESS Healthcare Perinatal Care (semester 1 of unknown) IPRO 340 

    Bir, Suman; Mathews, Joanne; Oza, Pooja; Resch, Jason; Shah, Parinda; Cohoon, Jesse; Limon, Armando; Thakkar, Dhaval; Wilhoit, Karla (2004-12)
    Our goal was to improve ACCESS Community Health Network’s information systems that support the perinatal treatment program in order to enhance the sectors of revenue and quality of care.
  • ACCESS Healthcare Perinatal Care (semester ?) IPRO 340 

    Matute, Matthew; Resch, Jason; Shah, Jumar; Awosika, Clara; Marri, Reshman; Vo, Giang (2005-05)
    The objective of the Immunization group is to evaluate ACCESS Community Health Care’s immunization program and provide suggestions for improvements to the program. The focus will be on the implementation the TOTS system ...
  • Adoption and Implementation of Diabetes Electronic Support Center at Mount Sinai Hospital, Summer 2011, IPRO 345 

    Kos, Carolyn; Valio, Nicole; Michael, Hazel; Chinzorig, Unubold; Johnson, Kendra (2011-07)
    The purpose of IPRO 345 is to improve and mobilize the data and remote health care system for Mount Sinai Hospital. Specifically, this project aims to create a data support to aid diabetic patients within 500 meters of the ...
  • Advanced Shipping Container Transportation System Solutions (semester?), IPRO 307 

    Aguirre, Maria; Borschuk, Zachary; Grilley, Michael; Kohler, Jonathan; Patel, Axita; Roth, Nathaniel; Ruiz, Joanna; Russo, Benjamin; Sisay, Mary; Sotelo, Cesar; Truong, Josie; Zaatar, Yousef (2007-05)
    The main objective of the IPRO 307 team in the Spring 2007 semester is to completely design a modern intermodal yard for the city of Gary, Indiana. It will be capable of handling the forecasted increase in container movement ...
  • Advanced Systems Applied to Student Loan Rehabilitation Processes (semester?), IPRO 313 

    Atta, Muhammad; Bordelon, Jean; Johnston, Nathan; Krol, Martin C.; Park, Jong; Sethi, Sourabh; St. Clair, Robert; Tayal, Rahul (2006-05)
    IPRO 313 Advanced Systems Applied to Student Loan Rehabilitation Processes worked with the IPRO sponsor Financial Management Systems Company (FMS) to to design and build a student loan rehabilitation tool. FMS is primarily ...
  • Advanced Technology for Photovoltaic Solar Windows (semester?), IPRO 355 

    Kim, HyungTae; Bilderback, Matthew; Carhill, Gabriel; Fiedorczyk, Adam; King, Stephen; Ng, Michael; Park, Soyoung (2004-12)
    The rising costs of energy and the growing awareness to the free and unlimited power provided by the sun have spurred the solar market over the last decade. Over the course of the industry’s growth two very different markets ...
  • Advancing Robotics Experience (semester?), IPRO 316 

    Adu-gyamfi, Kwaku; Becerril, Edgar; Daniels, Ryan; Ornder, Brian; Meyer, Robert; Lee, Shawn; Oh, Taekim; Kim, Kwandong; Shin, Bong Gun; Yanamadula, Megha (2005-05)
    The introduction of the robotics IPRO program in its few years has already served the IIT community some rather practical and innovative concepts of robotics. Through an impressive and beneficial advancement, the program ...
  • Affordable and Sustainable Quality of Life Improvements (Semester Unknown) IPRO 325 

    Collins, Dorothy; Jung, Young; Kimball, Mark; Lange, William; Parks, Nikki (2010-05)
    3 billion people cook their meals over open fires on primitive stoves inside their homes. Indoor air pollution from those primitive stoves kills 1.5 million people worldwide. Furthermore, indoor air pollution is fifth ...
  • Affordable and Sustainable Quality of Life Improvements for the World's Poor (Semester Unknown) IPRO 325 

    Arendovich-, Nikolai; Corson, Elizabeth; Miller, Luke; Baulier, Paul; Leposavic, Milos (2009-12)
    Our purpose is to identify a current problem in rural Peru. Once identified we will select it and develop a feasible solution that will be economical and culturally sensitive. Our vision as a team is to implement this ...
  • Affordable and Sustainable Water Solution for Under-Privileged Communities In India (Semester Unknown) EnPRO 355 

    Xufeng, Miao; Rojo, Beitia David; Dias, Diego; Swingler, Mark; Shah, Pranay; Mbaegbu, Amaka; Choi, Tae (2010-05)
    India’s huge and growing population is putting severe strain on all of the country’s natural resources. Most water sources are used on a domestic, industrial and agricultural basis. The quality of the water used is presumed ...
  • An Affordable Microcontroller for Students (semester?), IPRO 353 

    Chillemi, Nick; Kim, Jaewoo; Patel, Purvi; Guma, Angel; Meyers, Andy; Kim, Chungyun (2005-05)
    The objective for IPRO 353 was to design a microcontroller for use in the educational field, and to develop a small business around this microcontroller, while being affordable for the average college student.
  • Aging in Place (Semester Unknown) IPRO 360 

    Alvarez, Mario; Bardsley, Emily; Ingles, John; Kibbe, Brian; Klimek, Joseph; Mitchell, Jamie; Morgan, Rebecca; Papazova, Angelina; Patel, Keyur; Salih, Salma; Sanders, Michael; Umrania, Shefali (2011-05)
    The purpose of this IPRO 360, Spring 2011, is to research and identify the significant problems encountered by the elderly in their everyday lives. This IPRO will create a foundation for the development and refinement ...
  • Aiding Virtual Organization (Semester Unknown) EnPRO 353 

    Babel, Sebastian; Bennett, Casey; Dhewaju, Anusuya; Ann Gan, Kok; Jeong, Ah Reum; Heun Kim, Kee; Schweiger, James; Kang, Minsoo (2008-05)
    The objective for IPRO 353 is to evaluate the business opportunities for iGroups. We will do this by drafting a business plan, which will be evaluated for feasibility and a final report will be issued, for suggestions ...
  • Airport of the Future (semester 1 of unknown) IPRO 335 

    Doles, John; Ishikawa, Hana; Martinez, Janet; Pramanik, Raquib; Rehberg, Dan; Vahedi, Mihdi (2004-12)
    IPRO-335: Interprofessional Approach to Architectural Engineering Capstone Design involves a complete design of a building considering all architectural engineering aspects. The project requirements include material ...
  • AISC 2003 Student Steel Bridge Competition (Spring 2003) IPRO 310 

    Unknown author (2003-05)
    The annual steel bridge competition is sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Students will design and construct a steel bridge based on ...