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  • Monitoring Safety of Railway Tank Cars (Fall 1999) IPRO 013 

    Gupta, Kapil; Zukauskas, Elena; Patel, Jayesh; Lin, Shan (1999-12)
    Railroad tank cars are efficient vehicles for the transport of large quantities of liquid commodities in North America. These commodities include foodstuffs as well as a wide range of chemicals use in the process industries. ...
  • Techno-Economic Study of the Future of Home Control Functions and Home Design (Fall 1999) IPRO 037 

    NA (1999-12)
    Current Home Technology –Smart House, CE Bus, LonWorks, X-10
  • CTA Noise Abatement (Fall 1999) IPRO 597-029 

    Chong, Chung-Ook; Danko, Michael; Takaoka, Alan; Banks, Christian; Erdman, Scott; Pai, Uday; Randhawa, Gaganpreet (1999-12)
    Determine noise generation sources and parameters affecting noise production. • Produce samples of noise absorbing and noise barrier materials and evaluate them for effectiveness. • Develop skill in assessing the effect ...
  • Automating Academic Audit (Fall 1999) IPRO??? 

    Landsbaum, Mike; Leow, Jack; Montour, Nicholas; Semaszczuk, Matt; Sirotin, Mike; Sonawala, Pratik; Yarbrough, Sean (1999-12)
    The objective of this IPRO is to improve the academic audit process for educational services, faculty and students.
  • Presenting Forensic Data (Fall 1999) IPRO 

    Dale Nance, J.D.; Ferguson, Nathan; Pei, Kevin; Wang, Jimmy (1999-12)
    Misconception: Jurors greatly value scientific evidence, Different ways of presenting data affect the outcome of trials, Assessing undervalue or overvalue.
  • Using Multimedia and Interaction to Improve the Effectiveness of Web-Based Learning (Fall 1999) IPRO 034 

    Duda, John; Murphy, Peg; Boduch, Jerry; Donato, Jim; Edosomwan, Efosa; Lusyana, Lyona; Panchal, Bhakti; Patel, Ripal (1999-12)
    Conduct a broad-based investigation of the state-of-the-art in distance education and training delivered via the web • Develop a survey instrument that identifies critical measures of quality and effectiveness • Create ...
  • PEM Fuel Cell Power Generation System (Fall 1999) IPRO 016 

    Kim, Jeom-Soo; Solesi, Seun; Hadley, Tim; Kyriakides, Elias; Kelly, Peter; Durodola, Mobolaji; Hadley, Alexis; Schafer, Jochen; Khan, Junaid; Buck, Richard (1999-12)
    - Demonstrate the application of solar energy in a high tech integrated (hybrid) system - Create interest and initiate contact with the industry - Initiate contacts with the local community and search for applications of ...
  • Tagging XML Data for our Mediator (Fall 2000) IPRO 334 

    Arditi, Axel; Beitzel, Steve; Jensen, Eric; Alhamed, Ali; Chakravarthy, Kalyan; Torres, Valentin John; SaeLee, Michael (2000-12)
    Last semester we built a prototype mediator which takes a user query and poses it to a variety of different data sources. In the worst case, it is as good as existing metasearch engines. Example query: “What are the ...
  • Treehouse (Spring 2001) IPRO 328 

    Bloss, Lisa; Onyeali, Arthur; Serra, M. Silvia; Weil, Denis (2001-05)
    This is a collaborative project mentored by faculty from the Institute of Design and the College of Architecture. The team will investigate the emerging fusion of environments, information, and technology. Specifically, ...
  • ParaSpace (Spring 2001) IPRO 597 

    Chang, Sok-min; Desai, Devesh; Girtley, Jason; Thulaseedas, Jolly; Udar, Aniruddha (2001-05)
    ParaSpace is a series of products and furniture elements which cater to an architectural space of an organization.
  • Community Air Monitoring (Spring 2001) IPRO 320 

    Dillard, Christy; Hung, Paul; Kulka, Anne; McKinney, Michelle; Sangster, John; Schranz, Evelyne; Taylor, Darling; Westfall, Shana (2001-05)
    The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) is working to develop an air quality monitoring device and reporting system in the Bronzeville community over the next three to four years. This IPRO group is to provide technical ...
  • Dimension 3D Window Manager (Spring 2001) IPRO 306 

    Unknown author (2001-05)
    he goal of this project is to create a functional workstation with a "virtual reality" primary interface that simulates three- dimensional space. This is to be based on publicly available software, namely, Linuxand Mesa ...
  • Application Development and Business Planning for the Motorola Timeport Wireless Device (Spring 2001) IPRO 308 

    Chikov, Kostadin; Chowdhury, Farhan; Comparan, Miguel; Lagesse, Brent; Nguyen, James; Nguyen, Liz; Oey, Mulyadi; Pagcatipunan, John Paul; Pawlik, Gregory; Plauche, Alec; Prost, Andrew; Sareen, Aman; Scheerer, Steve; Schultz, Joshua; Swiderski, Sara; Uy, Erwin (2001-05)
    What is the future of wireless communications in the university? As the wireless marketplace becomes more saturated with cellular, paging and wireless internet services, who will create the competitive advantage, and will ...
  • Comparison of Brake Pedal Frictional Characteristics (Spring 2001) IPRO 313 

    Unknown author (2001-05)
    This project will develop new ideas for materials that can be used to improve the safety, performance and appearance of accelerator pedals used in automobiles. The team will investigate the range of feasible materials and ...

    Unknown author (2001-05)
    The team will assist an independent inventor, Mr. Julius Jones, Jr., in developing his idea for a computer game that could help wheelchair users improve their hand-eye coordination and reflexes, and which would be enjoyable, ...
  • Content Provision for Wireless Devices (Spring 2001) IPRO 356 

    Bremer, Jonathan; Maluki, Defina; Pandya, Katin; Patel, Mihir; Rwakatare, Tibe; Sankaran, Rohit; Zeng, ZhiZong (2001-05)
    Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), cellular phones, and other wireless devices represent the new paradigm for personal communication and interactivity. This project would involve the creation of an application (or series ...
  • VTOL (Spring 2001) IPRO 318 

    Crocco, John; Kuczaj, Mariusz; Nagarajan, Arvind; reynolds, Tina (2001-05)
    This project involves the design and construction of a prototype Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) airplane, capable of carrying two people. The prototype, which will be made to scale, is intended to test different ...
  • Web Portal For High School Students And Counselors (Spring 2001) IPRO 325 

    Jimenez, Esmeralda; Johnson, Rebecca; Patkar, Gaurang; Sultana, Maryam; Patel, Jaina (2001-05)
    Motivate high school students to consider careers in Engineering and Science. Provide information and resources through web based technology.
  • EverFamily (Spring 2001) IPRO 351 

    Unknown author (2001-05)
    EverFamily is an Internet company dedicated to bringing families closer together via the versatility of the Internet and the power of human memories. Using a developing technology known as C.A.R.E. (Context Aware Remembrance ...
  • Design of Web Site Enhancements to Serve Targeted Industrial End User Segments (Spring 2001) IPRO 314 

    Bondi, Giovanni; Singh, Raunaq; Kim, Eunjoo; Valkovich, Ksenia; Munshi, Arif; Kakar, Imtiaz (2001-05)
    The goal of this IPRO project is to continue the development of a web site begun with a Spring 2000 IPRO team for General Motors Electro-Motive Division, a world-class supplier of medium-speed diesel engines for locomotive, ...