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  • Taking Time, Risk and Cost out of Drug Discovery (Fall 2001) ENPRO 351 

    Dalmia, Manoj; Hong, Yugenia; Sresty, Padma; Hung, Paul; Morrison, Edward; Johnson, Stephen; McGuire, Brian; Patel, Sarjan; Patel, Monali; Bhatt, Ajay (2001-12)
    Professor Chapman has invented an x-ray procedure that greatly extends the technique's ability to diagnose tumors (mammogram improvement) and see problems in soft tissue, such as cartilage. He collaborates with Brookhaven ...
  • Automating Academic Audit (Fall 1999) IPRO??? 

    Landsbaum, Mike; Leow, Jack; Montour, Nicholas; Semaszczuk, Matt; Sirotin, Mike; Sonawala, Pratik; Yarbrough, Sean (1999-12)
    The objective of this IPRO is to improve the academic audit process for educational services, faculty and students.
  • Investigation of the Collapse of the World Trade Center (Spring 2002) IPRO 310 

    O'Leary, John (2002-05)
    Structures traditionally have been designed to withstand natural fores such as grvity, wind, fire and earthquakes. Recently, however, particular types of structures have been hardened against terrorist attacks. An example ...
  • Technical and Business Analysis of Challenges and Opportunities Associated with Guitar String Products (Spring 2002) IPRO 306 

    Alaniz III, Jesus; Flores, Antonio; Havens, Brad; Khalid, Usman; Oleszkiewicz, Anthony; Salam, Basel (2002-05)
    Gibson USA, Nashville, Tennessee, is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of acoustic and electric guitars for the entertainment industry. Gibson has a rich and respected history that began with the design and ...
  • Material Renovation (Spring 2002) IPRO 308 

    Waller, Jennifer; Garland, Scott; Mujeebuddin, Rasheed; Rzewnicki, Brian; Kim, Sung-Min; Darnstadt, Katherine; Grey, Jeremy; Greenberg, Lee; Maas, Kim; Koniali, Rima; Giagrande, Alex; Hottmann, Candace; Coley, Chad; Dietz, Heather; Laatz, Jason; Johnson, Mike (2002-05)
    The goal of this IPRO project is to create a realistic proposal for renovating and restoring Crown Hall to Mies Van der Rohe’s original vision while still keeping the building functional for today. By following guidelines ...
  • CTA Wireless Information Network (Spring 2002) IPRO 311 

    Wong, Thomas (2002-05)
    Rapid developments in wireless communication technology have created new opportunities to implement information networks that can support the operation of modern public transportation systems. Conventional two-way voice ...
  • Design Of a Modern Olefins Production Facility (Spring 2002) IPRO 304D 

    Lindahl, Prof H. (2002-05)
    - To model and analyze a modern ethylene production process - To understand the economic aspects of building and running a facility and the worldwide market of feedstocks, products, and product derivatives - To identify ...
  • Optimum Design of a Solar Desalination Process (Spring 2002), IPRO 304E 

    Kulka, Anna; Lagunova, Natasha; Mustain, Bill; Nilsson, Lina; Parai, Rajarshi; Patel, Ronak; Phillips, Shannon; Sawardecker, Erin; Sokhan, Iryna; Volberding, Beth; Walden, Jennifer (2002-05)
    In addition to a process design topic which will be the focus of each of the six teams, the students joining this IPRO 304 will be responsible for identifying, investigating, analyzing and addressing therange of complex ...
  • Project InfoMoto (Summer 2011) IPRO 308 

    Hussain, Faraz; Sarsfield, Corey; Wang, Haochen; Perkis, Jeff; Charles, Joe; Siva, Arun (2011-07)
    Currently, some motorcycles have the ability to collect information about the performance of the vehicle. However, this information may not be easily accessible to the rider or mechanic of the bike and may also not be ...
  • Ethanol Ultra-Light Aircraft (Fall 2001) IPRO 317 

    Bockenfeld, Dan; Guerra, Jorge; Kuczaj, Mariusz; Lim, Ryan; McDaniel, Loren; Muliere, Dave; Orebaugh, Jesse; Parsons, Abigail; Williams, Ben (2001-12)
    Students will convert a Quicksilver MXII ultralight airplane to run on E85 fuel (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline). This is technically challenging because the plane uses a 2-stroke Rotax 503 engine, where the oil must be mixed ...
  • Design and Testing of Lithium-Ion Battery for Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Applications (Fall 2001) IPRO 362 

    Al-Hallaj, Said (2001-12)
    Li-ion cells have demonstrated excellent performance when operated at ambient temperature conditions. Still, the adverse effect of temperature excursions on lithium-ion cell performance is evident when the cell is operated ...
  • CTA Wireless Information Network (Fall 2001) IPRO 311 

    Wong, Thomas (2001-12)
    Rapid developments in wireless communication technology have created new opportunities to implement information networks that can support the operation of modern public transportation systems. The primary goal of this ...
  • PEM Fuel Cell Power Generation System (Fall 1999) IPRO 016 

    Kim, Jeom-Soo; Solesi, Seun; Hadley, Tim; Kyriakides, Elias; Kelly, Peter; Durodola, Mobolaji; Hadley, Alexis; Schafer, Jochen; Khan, Junaid; Buck, Richard (1999-12)
    - Demonstrate the application of solar energy in a high tech integrated (hybrid) system - Create interest and initiate contact with the industry - Initiate contacts with the local community and search for applications of ...
  • Web Portal For High School Students And Counselors (Fall 2001) IPRO 309 

    Chadha, Mayank; Jain, Umang; Khan, Samad; Kling, Nikolaus; Patel, Mihir; Ahsan, Sameer; Gupta, Anshul; Kumar, Anjali; Nirwal, Preeti (2001-12)
    here is a continuing need to provide information and motivational materials to high school students to interest them in engineering. These students would also benefit by learning about the various educational programs ...
  • Designing a Three-Dimensional "Mesh" to Improve the Quality of Simulations (Fall 2001) IPRO 307 

    Saric, Marin; Griffin, Paul; Sharifi, Hamed; Wei, Yeow Tsa; Verma, Sameer; XiaoFeng, Zhou (2001-12)
    This project focuses on building a three-dimensional high quality "mesh" for scientific simulations. Since the quality of the mesh affects the accuracy and convergence of numerical systems, having a high quality mesh is ...
  • A Conceptual Design of a Pedestrian Bridge Over State Street (Fall 2001) IPRO 302 

    Kryda, Sara; Kunz, Christian; Sainer, Josh; Beauregard, Matt; Lin, Chuan Fang; Coley, Chad; Horng, Steven; Leos, Stephen; Nguyen, Nhat; Oxley, David; Cha, Yugene; Kleps, Steve; Mogas, Marc; Schroeder, James; Simonsis, Rebecca (2001-12)
    The objective of this challenging project is to design a pedestrian bridge over an existing busy street, involving such considerations as structural design, architectural design and ease of construction. Moreover, an initial ...
  • Design of a Digital Braille Watch (Fall 2001) IPRO 320 

    Krzyzanowski, Peter; Cohen, Zac; Song, Kibok; Lau, Wendy; Brooks, Tamara; Tahara, Wayne; Subolo, Olesegun; Arole, Kayode; Yuan, Michael; Johnson, Drew; D'souza, Sohan (2001-12)
    The objective of this project -- that will begin as a Summer 2001 IPRO project and continue as a Fall 2001 IPRO project -- is to develop and demonstrate the design of a Digital Braille Watch for blind and visually-impaired ...
  • Devices for Removal of VOCs from Ground Water (Spring 2002) IPRO 304B 

    Brown, Nathaniel; Cacace, Benjamin; Kustwin, Brian; Ogunribido, Susan; Sarmiento, Melissa; Edwards II, Michael; Felfe, Kristina; Gundy, Justin van; Hudalla, Greg; Keleko, Adenkunmi (2002-05)
    Water in Wausau, Wisconsin is contaminated with VOCs posing hazardous health risks. As part of the IPRO project, we need to determine a unit operation that can remove VOCs effectively and cost efficiently.
  • Energy and Environment Based Architectural Research & Design (Spring 2002) IPRO 323 

    Fard, Abbaszadeh Sahar; Ibrahim, Magdy; Park, Sang Min; Veselinovic, Goran; Geroulis, Michael; Cruz, Emerald; Kelly, Russell; Phillips, Kelby; Lau, Erika; Chung, Allan; Morzyc, Alicja; Panek, Katherine; Trojniak, Rafal; Chan, Ching; Pecaut, Meghan; Phillips, Lindsey; Staley, Shane (2002-05)
    The goal of this IPRO research/design project is to establish an ongoing energy-based architectural studio. The studio will focus on a specific project, but in an investigative and experimental manner. The end result of ...
  • NASCAR Technologies (Fall 2001) ENPRO 363 

    Hampton, Chris; Jasin, Kevin; Radwanski, Luke; Jeon, Yong Ho; Lee, Jeongwoo; Dubois, Jim; Dees, Jon; Hoang, Phuc; Narwani, Dash; Ortega, Oscar; Zaheerullah, Sameer (2002-05)
    IIT Racing Inc. is a potential business conceived during the EnPRO class in the Spring semester of 2001. A group of students advised by Professor Beltemacchi started investigating NASCAR racing (with an emphasis on the ...