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  • Nana A Sustainable Restaurant (Semester Unknown) IPRO 371 

    Bajzek, Sasha; Boubel, Kenneth; DeBoth, Ray; Ellsworth, Seth; Hussaini, Bushra; Jeong, Hye Sun; Jin, Keo-Jin; Kavicky, Matthew; Kim, Kibum; Klusek, Natalia; Yun Lee, Sang; Lee, Sukmin; Margolis, Jordan; Mellom, James; Qi, Tianshu; Roth, Jessica; Geun Yun, Joong (2010-05)
    Nana Organic is a family owned organic restaurant in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood, offering lunch (and soon dinner) options with an emphasis on organic and sustainable produce. The owners of Nana, and IPRO 317’s ...
  • NASCAR Technologies (Fall 2001) ENPRO 363 

    Hampton, Chris; Jasin, Kevin; Radwanski, Luke; Jeon, Yong Ho; Lee, Jeongwoo; Dubois, Jim; Dees, Jon; Hoang, Phuc; Narwani, Dash; Ortega, Oscar; Zaheerullah, Sameer (2002-05)
    IIT Racing Inc. is a potential business conceived during the EnPRO class in the Spring semester of 2001. A group of students advised by Professor Beltemacchi started investigating NASCAR racing (with an emphasis on the ...
  • New Applications for Virtual Reality Training (semester?), IPRO 316 

    Jeong, Ahreum; Doolittle, Erik; Mead, Erik; Roe, Ian; Stanford, Jeffrey; Kim, Jeongshik; Knopp, Kyle; Malanowski, Mark; Cantoni, Nick; Steward, Shane (2007-12)
    We have quite a few objectives for this IPRO. Our first objective is to research into both industrial and mass market applications of the Product Animations technology. After this first objective, we take 2 paths. The first ...
  • New Harbor Village (Semester Unknown) IPRO 356 

    Balakierv, Konstantin; Brucato, Roberta; Dorn, Lawrence; Gallagher, Ellen; Gonzalez, Juan; Kim, Yoojee; Kwon, Steven; Matuszak, William; Patel, Abhishek; Wang, Ruoxi; Wang, Yani; Jong Kim, Churl; Marangoudakis, Chris; William, Paschal (2010-12)
    The aim of this project was to design a use for the area around the Michael Reese memorial. This area is currently unused and the city has asked for ideas to use the area. The previous IPRO had designed an extended living ...
  • New Product Evaluation and Improvement (Semester Unknown) IPRO 341 

    Bart, Jeffrey; Cantonwine, Sara; Ende, Mark; Gowe, Arence; Hotz, Thomas; Khaliqdina, Shahmeer; Lee, Jae; Ostasz, Raluca; Park:, Hyejin; Pauley, Erica; Rahman, Raihan; Sarvana:, Saad (2009-12)
    Our mission is to build a modern, functional, and longstanding toolbox with the cooperation of Versatility Tool Works that fits the needs of the employees at Amada. This will be done through progressive prototyping and ...
  • New Product Evaluation and Improvement (Semester Unknown) IPRO 341 

    Assaliyski, Marin; Attard, Ryan; Basiourski, Vitali; Dorn, Lawrence; Feldman, Laurie; Grabowski, Luke; Guerrero, Jose; Rusz, Vlad; Tchobanova, Natacha; Zellarchaffers, Priscilla (2009-07)
    The team’s purpose is to test the current new design for Versatility Tool Works cabinet, and make suggestions for improvements if needed. Additionally, the team’s purpose was extended to develop a next‐generation tool ...
  • New Technologies For Cardiac Arrest Patients (Semester Unknown) IPRO 319 

    Aijazuddin, Ambreen; Akhambay, Assyl; Austin, Grant; Bansal, Neha; Eid, Aya; Esbensen, Kirsten; Halim, Stephanus; Jackson, Lisa; Kim, Sua; Ko, Hyunseok; Martinez, Juan; Oberg, Jarrett; Kyeong Park, Bo; Patel, Neelkumar; Tesfaye, Melat; Voss, Melissa; Mouddou, Khadija (2010-05)
    Over 250,000 people in the U.S. alone die annually from sudden cardiac arrest, and many of those that survive suffer brain damage, which can begin within minutes of the heart attack. Major risks among survivors include ...
  • New Technologies for Cardiac Arrest Victims (Semester Unknown) IPRO 319 

    John, Jennifer; Gazda, Christopher; Spinoza, Julian; Lasowky, Oksana; Hutchful, Albert; Austin, Grant; Cho, Bum Kyung; Fournier, Andrew; Harmon, Stephanie (2009-12)
    The Interprofessional Projects (IPRO®) Program at Illinois Institute of Technology: An emphasis on multidisciplinary education and cross-functional teams has become pervasive in education and the workplace. IIT offers an ...
  • New United Center Arena (semester?), IPRO 335 

    Austin, Adon; Boundaoui, Elyes; Grajewski, Jeffrey; Hallberg, Amanda; Imam, Erum; Jahnke, Nicholas; Kechagias, Kallinikos; McDougal, Donald; Medina, Jorge; Patel, Jinit; Pedrola, Blanca; Kazimi, Syed; Roustan, Arianna; Sanz, Dennis; Suk, Myung-eun; Tay, Cyril; Rivera, Robert (2006-05)
    This project involves design of a multipurpose sporting arena to be located within the city of Chicago. The arena should seat a capacity of about 20,000 spectators and will house such sports as pro and college basketball, ...
  • Noise Abatement Issue (Spring 2002) IPRO 315 

    NAssos (2002-05)
    Penn Machine Company, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is a recognized leader in the manufacture and marketing of wheel sets for high speed and local rail transportation operations. Penn Machine manufactures noise-damping wheels, ...
  • Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring (Semester 1 of Unknown), IPRO 331 

    Chapman, Kristina; Bhat, Sheetal; Tullman, Jen; Gannavarapu, Bhargava; Adekeye, Adeseye; Chen, Michelle; Lakhia, Ronak; Nakkana, Jayashree; Patwari, Priti; Ritter, Amanda; Uhm, Maeran; Wang, Norby (2004-03)
    IPRO 331’s objective was to create a design for a non-invasive blood-glucose monitoring system based on the following: simple concept, user-friendliness (especially for children), a design that does not hamper the ...
  • Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring (semester?), IPRO 331 

    Adekeye, Adeseye; Bookseller, Sangeeta; Dexter, Brogran; Kieltyka, Jude; Nishizuka, Chad; Rathod, Daisy; Shah, Shivani; Topgi, Anupama; Young, Jon (2004-12)
    The overall objective of this IPRO project is to help in the development of a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technique for patients afflicted with diabetes.
  • Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems (semester?), IPRO 331 

    Barnard, Leland; Freemire, Ben; Hsu, Yio-fan; Kieltyka, Jude; Maketiwa, Wadzanayi; Mullins, Stephen; Nazim, Mehjabeen; Oza, Veeral; Patil, Prabhav; Riaz, Quratulann; Shivakumar, Vidya; Young, Daniel (2005-05)
    The objective of this IPRO project is to investigate, research, and develop methods of non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, with a view towards continuing the work of the previous IPRO 331 team (Fall 2004).
  • Northern Illinois Hockey League (Semester Unknown) IPRO 308 

    Lucchesi, Kristin; Barksdale, Dustin; Hays, Julian; Bartus, Kryzystof; Perkins, William; Savage, Christopher; Scheer, Colin; Semenov, Vladimir; Vidutis, Mantas (2009-12)
    We will make a prototype for the Northern Illinois Hockey league website. We want to develop web-based scheduling and scoring applications that can support their annual operations.
  • Oak Park Energy Efficiency & Carbon Reduction (Semester Unknown) IPRO 329 

    Muyco, Michael; Broda, Dawid; Jardim, Thiago; Lakin, Colin; Moceri, Michael; Dexter, Eric; Kim, Tae-Hoon; Lee, Seunggeun; Mohaimani, Aurash; Herman, Robert; Kungis, Andrew; Lim, Suk-Hyun; Park, Minah (2010-12)
    The overall purpose of the IPRO 329 team is to work with the Village of Oak Park in order to implement a strategic plan to educate Oak Park residents in making their homes more efficient and work toward a community wide ...
  • An Online Teachers Community for Chicago Public Schools (Semester Unknown) IPRO 320 

    Abbasi, Rawan; Enverga, John; Goldstein, Linda; Jafarey, Usman; Seung Kim, Min; Kruger, Evan; Mishra, Lory; Moses, Justin; Pasari, Shruti; Smith, Anthony; Zelenskiy, Aleksandr (2008-05)
    Our objective for this semester is to have a prototype of a web community to be used by teachers. The community will consist of 100 registered teachers and feature a front page, a forum, and a wiki with 50 complete articles. ...
  • Opening the door to the USHMM Archives with the Intranet Mediator (semester?), IPRO 311 

    Carbon, Joseph; Odriozola, Susana; Olatunde-Bello, Omolaoye; Olive, Daniel; Oster, Joshua; Rife, Carolanna; Tam, Chi (2006-05)
    The main focus of IPRO 311 this semester is to improve the Mediator by making it more attractive, accessible and user-friendly. Methods to improve the Mediator include making the necessary adjustments after user studies ...
  • Operation Kosovo (Summer 2003) IPRO 397 

    Perritt, Hank (2003-07)
    This IPRO team will have the responsibility of extending Operation Kosovo. Operation Kosovo is an IIT-Chicago Kent initiative to promote rule of law, democracy, civil society, and economic development in Kosovo. Students ...
  • Operation Marketing Gurus (Semester Unknown) IPRO 346 

    Coughlin, Dan; Hamann, Eric; Hasan, Hasan; Lipman, Tim; Milkic, Jelena; Park, Jay; Phillips, Zack; Tishler, Michael; Wilke, Kara (2009-05)
    The goal of Operation Marketing Gurus is to expand the customer base of Daco, Inc. We plan to achieve this through several objectives including:  Seeking new customers for existing Daco products  Researching new products ...
  • Operation Smooth Brews (Semester Unknown) IPRO 345 

    Haurberg, Soren; Kim, Kayoung; Kleps, Andrew; Pyle, Kiyomi; Roslund, Rich; Sarraf, Basel; Seo, Hee; Song, Junhyung; Stachowiak, Kyle; VanKley, Robert (2009-05)
    Operation Smooth Brew's mission is defined by working closely with Euclid Beverages to analyze its status quo warehousing processes and introduce sufficient enhancements to them.