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  • Data Migration Tool for CDN XL (semester?), IPRO 349C 

    Groth, Kristel; Tam, Jonathan; Juda, Damian; Fafara, Lukasz (2007-07)
    The objective of this IPRO subteam is the improvement of the importation of data to CDN XL in small and medium enterprises sector. This subteam is working toward the problem of improving the way data is imported from ...
  • Decision Making Tool for Warehouse Logistics Pricing (semester?), IPRO 319 

    Duong, Khanh; Egwu, Uchenna; Ma, Justin; Mcanally, Arthur; Mrozinski, Kristin; Oh, Douglas; Schwarz, Nickolay; Stone, Sarah; Sudar, Aleksandar; Yu, Hee Jeoung; Zavala, Arthur (2007-05)
    distribution operation which will aid companies seeking to outsource logistics operations. However, the team’s main objective is to add a Request for Proposal tool to the existing model allowing companies to determine the ...
  • Delta Hook Tech (Semester Unknown) IPRO 358 

    Bistriceanu, Bogdan; Boyer, Robert; Champlin, Austin; Choitz, Rachel; DiVito, Michael; Edwards, Herbert; Egland, Erik; Gaonkar, Mohit; Lai, James; Obaid, Hamza; Pop, Sabina; Staats, Andrew; Ton, Jimmy; Zhu, Patrick (2009-12)
    During the summer 2009 semester, IPRO 358 plans to develop mock-ups of the Delta Hook Technology (DHT) and to lay the foundation for a business model for Sparrowhawk, LLC, an early stage company. Sparrowhawk has investigated ...
  • Delta Hook Technologies (DHT) EnPRO 358 

    Alkhovsky, Julie; Benjamin, Bryan; Carimichael, Jake; El-Natour, Ibrahim; Lozanoski, Phillip; Pierce, Nicholas; Prout, Savannah; Richie-Smith, Robert; Steponavicius, Nerijus; Tchobanova, Natacha; Walther, Alyssa; Winstanley, Samuel (2010-07)
    Recreational fishing in the United States generates over a billion dollars of economic output and providing well over a million American’s with jobs. There are many variations of fishing hooks available that retain the ...
  • Delta Hook Technology (Semester Unknown) EnPRO 358 

    Bednarz, Mathew; Benjamin, Bryan; Bonesz, Andrew; Cicero, Joseph; Howard, Nathan; Lozanoski, Phillip; O’Toole, William; Rodger, Lucas; Shin, Kyuho; Sowards, Michael; Villalobos, Westley; Walther, Alyssa; Zaidi, Shaad (2010-05)
    Recreational fishing is a sizable market, generating over a billion dollars of economic output and providing well over a million American’s with jobs. There are many variations of fishing hooks available that retain the ...
  • Delta Hook Technology (Semester Unknown) IPRO 358 

    Egland, Erik; Howard, Nathan; Kim, YunJung; Lee, Sewon; Lichaj, Andrew; Madan, Nikhil; Ng, Man; Springfield, Keegan; Yamin, Izmir; Zaidi, Shaad (2009-12)
    During the fall 2009 semester, IPRO 358 plans to continue the development and creation of mock-ups for the Delta Hook Technology (DHT) as well as lay the foundation for a business model for Sparrowhawk, LLC, an early ...
  • Delta Shelter (sequence unknown), IPRO 311 - Deliverables 

    Schug, Timothy; Bradley, Joshua; Cahan, Noah; Dobbin, Dan; Hallenbeck, Jeff; Jordan, Davyd; Strandquist, Brad; Dohm, Jacob; Hoffman, Kent; Lee, Woong-Kyo; Waisath, Nathan (2009-12)
    The Delta Tau Delta fraternity wants to make their current house as energy efficient and green as possible. The team will look at all aspects of the DTD house and their operations to create a more energy efficient ...
  • Descriptive Virtualized Reality Environment for Visual Guidance (Fall 2001) IPRO 305 

    Agheda, Akta; Bhatt, Chirag; Bhatty, Moummar; Bhojawala, Safiya; Bodal, Aziz; Kim, Taewhan; Mathew, Arun; Soorma, Luqman; Ullal, Prasad (2001-12)
    In this project, the utilization of virtualized reality environments to the guidance of blind or visually-impaired people will be explored. A virtualized reality environment will be constructed based on visual sensory ...
  • Design & Build Chicago Scale Model for Dynamic Disaster Simulation (Semester Unknown) IPRO 317 

    Balkany, Graham; Claxton, Matt; Correa, Jessica; Flores, Emmanuel; Hernandez, Yvonne; Kim, Jichul; Lebron, Chance; Leong, Erick; O’Brien, Daniel; Martinez, Oscar; Robledo, Ruben; Rus, Bogdan; Russeva, Diyanna; Seo, Andrew; Sun, Meng (2008-07)
    This is the second phase of this project as a continuation of Spring 2008 IPRO 317 and will have a focus for Summer 2008 on the computer program, the user interface, as well as completion of the first geographic area of ...
  • Design & Build Chicago Scale Model for Dynamic Disaster Simulation (Semester Unknown) IPRO 317 

    Balido, Jodi; Cryriac, Mary; Macklin, Brandon; Martin, Sonya; Myers, Donald; Sochor, Daniel; Balkany, Grahm; Fakhouri, Hana; O'Brien, Daniel; Trusewych, Marco; Brassil, Michael; Luu, Dung; Mitchell, La Luce; Parry, David (2008-05)
    The model project is complex, involving a good degree of materials consumption and labor, and will require many disciplines working together to produce a consistent and seamless result. With this in mind, careful planning ...
  • Design a Novel Mobile Process for Remediating PCB Contaminated Soils (semester?), IPRO 345 

    Barragan-Perez, Katya; Hmadouch, Ahlam; Rivera, Robert; Okwudi, Charlotte; Polena, Sotiel Sam; Witthoueft, Jonathan M.; Popoola, Dolapo; Bir, Suman; Taylor, La Shawna; Kirk, Justin M.; Bussmann, Vito A. (2006-12)
    Design a mobile fluidized bed process that desorbs Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) and other toxic materials from identified contaminated areas
  • Design a System to Recycle Condensate from Residential Air Conditioners (Semester Unknown) IPRO 348 

    Abro, Anam; Ahmed, Syeda; Claxton, Matt; Hazariwala, Niravkumar; Hesser, Cari; Ismail, Malisa; Martinez, Jessica; Raghuvanshi, Siddhartha; Ruszczak, Erich; Specht, Nicole; Yanover, Rachel (2009-07)
    The goal of IPRO 348 is to first find a use for the condensate produced by air conditioners, and then to create a product that will recycle the condensate for said use. The first task for IPRO 348 is to collect information ...
  • Design and Economic Evaluations of Biorefinery Operations (semester?), IPRO 347 

    Niekoo, Abbasian; Agose, Daisy; Arguijo, Susanna; Hogan, Brian; Jung, Minsuk; Pelae, Raisa; Roberts, Ben; Kyaagba, Tor; MacDougall, Chris; Malacina, Adam; Michael, Adam; Michael, Henry; Demarah, Daniel; Newberg, Phil; Ocwieja, Sarah; Patti, Julie; Vann, Adam; Keen, Andrew; Woo, Hyun; Zarate, Nyah (2006-05)
    The IPRO team was successful in designing a process that converts biomass into liquid fuels for transportation. The biomass chosen was cow manure because of two main reasons. The abundance of cows in southern Wisconsin ...
  • Design and Evaluation of Engineering Systems to Remove VOCs from Groundwater (Spring 2003) IPRO 304B 

    Abbasian, Javed; Noll, Dr. Kenneth (2003-05)
    The objective of this project is the design and cost estimation for various pollution control devices that can remove volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from ground water. Effective and efficient treatment methods are needed ...
  • Design and Evaluation of New Flue Gas Cleanup Processes to Meet New EPA Regulations (Spring 2003) IPRO 304 

    Amundsen, Cliff; Ash, Abigail; Lau, Wendy; Patel, Anup; Wickesberg, Tyler; Williams, Ben; Ahsan, Syed; Buchanan, Michael; Buresh, Rita; Kolev, Dimitre; Vaicekauskaite, Jotvinge; Wilson, Tristan; Zenfour, Ali (2003-05)
    Students who join this IPRO team will gain experience in working with chemical and environmental engineering students on important issues that relate to designing chemical and environmental engineering processes. Studens ...
  • Design and Global Market Analysis of a Tool Cabinet (Semester Unknown) IPRO 341 

    Hamann, Eric; Falk, Stephen; Kim, Taehoon; Wiese, Ian; Kozmel, Tom; Di Sciullo Jones, Alex; Gavris, Calin; Chong, Hon-Kyu; Eckhardt, Johnathan; Aleem Syed, Abdul; VanKley, Robert; Esparza, Tristan; Syzdykov, Kaisar; Turner, Alvin (2010-05)
    The objective of IPRO 341 is to assist Versatility Tool Works with the design, testing, and marketing of an industrial strength tool cabinet. Ideally, one or more of the drawers in the cabinet should be capable of holding ...
  • Design and Global Market Analysis of a Tool Product (Semester Unknown) IPRO 341 

    Amin, Kathan; Ashworth, Christopher; Fleming, Rachel; Gala, Raj; Gosalia, Nehal; Kim, Taewoo; Roediger, Justin; Tan, Kwong; Vinckevicius, Aurimas (2009-05)
    A Tool’s objective is to first and foremost satisfy the problem set forth by our sponsor Versatility Tools. The problem is that their tool cabinet does not accomplish the day-to-day needs of the companies that purchase it. ...
  • Design and Market Analysis of Condensate Recycling from Commercial HVAC Systems (Semester Unknown) IPRO 346 

    IPRO 346 is put together to work with and assist Pentair Water Company. The main task is to collect condensate from commercial HVAC systems in attempt to quantify it and test the chemical content of it. These tasks will ...
  • Design and Prototyping Information Tools for High Performance IPRO Teams, IPRO 373 

    Newman, Catherine; Roche, Jacqueline; Oluwagembi, Williams; Liu, Janet; Abu Amara, Lama; Sahel, Adam; Fotso, Kevin; Bendas, Paul; Posch, Matthew; Rajgor, Yash; Salas, Raul (2012-07)
    The purpose of this IPRO project is to develop a single, consolidated, interactive information resource for IPRO teams that replaces information currently found at the IPRO web site.
  • Design and Simulation of Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (Spring 2002) IPRO 326 

    Lukic, Srdjan; Shechtman, Sean; Gangireddy, Sandeep; Dubanski, Darius; Rodriguez, Fernando; Duo, Sijie; Kohanim, Sahar; Bodakh, Hani; Koo, Gary (2002-05)
    In this IPRO, based on the previous student team works, a specific hybrid electric car will be designed using different software packages available in Power Electronics and Motor Drives Laboratory to achieve specific ...