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  • Low-energy exclusive cross sections and inclusive production of identified charged hadrons with Babar 

    Gary, J. William (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    Recent measurements of exclusive hadronic cross sections from the Babar Collaboration at SLAC are presented. Specifically, we present results on the e⁺e⁻ → K⁺K⁻(γ), p̅p, KₛKₗ, KₛKₗπ⁺π⁻ , KₛKₛπ⁺π⁻, and KₛKₛK⁺K⁻ cross ...
  • Measurement of the strong coupling αS from the 3-jet rate in e⁺ e⁻ annihilation using JADE data 

    Kluth, S. (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    We describe a measurement of the strong coupling αS(MZ₀ ) from the 3-jet rate in hadronic final states of e⁺ e⁻ annihilation recorded with the JADE detector at centre-of-mass energies of 14 to 44 GeV. The jets ...
  • Study of pp interactions at high multiplicity at U-70 

    Aleev, A.; Avdeichikov, V.; Balandin, V.; Borzunov, Yu.; Chencov, Yu.; Dunin, V.; Furmanec, N.; Kekelidze, G.; Kireev, V.; Kokoulina, E.; Ladygin, V.; Myalkovsky, V.; Nikitin, V.; Peshehonov, V.; Petukhov, Yu.; Rufanov, I.; Yukaev, A.; Zhidkov, N.; Basiladze, S.; Bogdanova, G.; Erofeeva, I.; Grishin, N.; Grishkevich, Ya.; Karmanov, D.; Kramarenko, V.; Leflat, A.; Merkin, M.; Popov, V.; Tihonova, L.; Vishnevskaya, A.; Volkov, V.; Voronin, A.; Zverev, E.; Ardashev, E.; Afonin, A.; Golovkin, V.; Golovnya, S.; Gorokhov, S.; Kholodenko, A.; Kiryakov, A.; Kurchaniniv, L.; Lobanov, I.; Lobanova, E.; Mitrofanov, G.; Petrov, V.; Pleskach, A.; Polkovnikov, M.; Ronzhin, V.; Ryadovikov, V.; Senko, V.; Soldatov, M.; Shalanda, N.; Tsyupa, Yu.; Vorobiev, A.; Yakimchuk, V.; Zapolsky, V.; Kutov, A. (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    The E190 Experiment is aimed at the search for collective phenomena in a quark-gluon system and a hadron system. It is carried out at U-70 in IHEP, Protvino. The evidence of Bose-Einstein condensation of pions has been ...
  • Future physics: A personal view 

    Bjorken, James (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    A personal view of the future of particle physics is presented.
  • Stochastic mechanism of color confinement 

    Kuvshinov, V. (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    It is shown that in stochastic QCD a vacuum color quark is confined due to the interaction with environment, chaotic dynamics of Yang-Mills-Higgsfields, decoherence of pure color state into mixed white (colorless) state ...
  • Measurement of hadron production in Deep Inelastic Scattering 

    Jung, H. (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    Measurements of charged particle densities and K⁰s and Λ production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA are presented and compared to Monte Carlo event generator predictions. The measurements provide sensitive tests for ...
  • The potential importance of low luminosity and high energy at the LHC 

    White, Alan R. (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    Low luminosity runs at higher LHC energy could provide definitive evidence for an electroweak scale sextet quark sector of QCD that produces electroweak symmetry breaking and dark matter within the bound-state S-Matrix ...
  • Measurement of anisotropic radial flow rapidity 

    Wu, Yuafang; Li, Lin; Li, Na (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    Using the sample of Au + Au collisions at 200 GeV generated by the AMPT with string melting model, the anisotropic amplitudes of azimuthal distributions of total transverse momentum, mean radial (transverse) momentum, ...
  • Influence of the target on multiparticle production in the forward domain in p+Pb collisions at 158 GeV 

    Rybczyński, Maciej (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    In this talk we show the influence of the target on multiparticle production in the forward hemisphere in p+Pb collisions at top SPS energy. The multiplicity distributions appear to be almost target independent in the ...
  • Kaon Freeze-out Dynamics in √sNN=200 GeV Au+Au Collisions at RHIC 

    Šumbera, Michal (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    Measurements of three-dimensional correlation functions of like-sign low transverse momentum kaon pairs from Au+Au collisions at top RHIC energy √sNN =200 GeV are presented. The extracted kaon source function is narrower ...
  • Collective dynamics of the p-Pb collisions at the LHC 

    Broniowski, Wojciech; Bożek, Piotr (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    We review the signatures for the soft collective dynamics in highest-multiplicity ultrarelativistic p-Pb collisions and show that the effects are well described in a three-stage model, consisting of the event-by-event ...
  • Recent Results from RHIC 

    Evdokimov, O. (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) has opened a new era in experimental nuclear physics. Among the most important discoveries of this new era are the jet quenching phenomenon, the energy loss suffered by a hard ...
  • Physics implications of correlation data from the RHIC and LHC heavy-ion programs 

    Ray, R. L. (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    Two-dimensional angular correlation data from the STAR experiment at RHIC and from the LHC experiments provide critical information about dynamical processes in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. The principal correlation ...
  • BSM searches in multi-objects final states in ATLAS 

    Cornelissen, Thijs (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    Recent results on searches for new physics from Run 1 of the Large Hadron Collider are reported. The ATLAS experiment has already collected more than 20 fb−1 of integrated luminosity, allowing for a large number of new ...
  • Minimum-bias angular and trigger-associated correlations from 200 GeV p-p collisions: jets, flows, centrality, and the underlying event 

    Prindle, D. (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    The mechanisms leading to the hadronic final state of high-energy proton-proton collisions remain an unresolved issue at the RHIC and LHC. A substantial contribution to the hadronic final state from minimum-bias (MB) jets ...
  • High-order cumulants from the 3D O(1) and O(4) spin models 

    Pan, Xue; Wu, Yuafang; Chen, X. S.; Chen, Lizhu (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    We simulate the 3D O(1) (Ising) and O(4) spin models by the Monte Carlo method. Interesting high-order cumulants from the 3D Ising and O(4) universality classes are presented and discussed. They all show the non-monotonic ...
  • STAR Results from the RHIC Beam Energy Scan 

    Wang, Hui (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    The Beam Energy Scan Program is launched by RHIC to study the QCD phase diagram. The goal is to explore the possible QCD phase boundary and search for possible QCD critical point. In 2010 and 2011, experiments collected ...
  • Particle production sources in heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC 

    Wolschin, Georg (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    A nonequilibrium statistical relativistic diffusion model (RDM) with three sources is applied to the analysis of charged-hadron distributions in Au–Au collisions at RHIC energies, in Pb–Pb collisions at the current LHC ...
  • The phase diagram of QCD from lattice simulations 

    D'Elia, Massimo (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    Numerical simulations of Quantum Chromodynamics on a space-time lattice represent the best non-perturbative tool to explore the QCD phase diagram and the behavior of strong interactions under extreme conditions. We review ...
  • Recent results from the search for the critical point of strongly interacting matter at the CERN SPS 

    Seyboth, Peter (IIT Press, 2013-09-15)
    Recent searches at the CERN SPS for evidence of the critical point of strongly interacting matter are discussed. Experimental results on theroretically expected signatures, such as event-to-event fluctuations of the particle ...

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