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    Al-Guneid, Wigdan (2011-05)
    Holding focus on techinics and strategies of development arc, a landmark building on the south side of Chicago will be re-adapted and transformed from a bakery to a much needed mixed use building.
  • Adaptive Building Skin 

    Kim, Minjae (2010-05-01)
    City is made up of diversity and density. Diverse factors make activities and different relationships in a city. These are very sensitive to other factors’ changes. Their various responses make city dynamic and finally ...
  • Adaptive Reuse Hybrid Development 

    Jarzabkowski, Henry (2011-05)
    Producing and designing a prototype hybrid use development strategy for a neighboring pair of preexisting historical building in Chicago’s North side community of Lakeview.
  • Aeroponic Agriculture in Chicago 

    Maceachen, Charles (2010-07-29)
  • Agricultural Rehabilitation Tower 

    Garcia, Rodrigo; Lee, Jennifer (2011-05)
    to create a vertical community bound together by two key issues/requirements in Korean society: urban agriculture and mental health care to create a ‘vertical façade farm’ capable of producing 156 tons of vegetables ...
  • All Season Recreation Center 

    Grebliunas, Eric (2012-05)
    The center is a celebration of Chicago's unique seasonal opportunities and will encourage the inherent entertainment nature provides. This is a structurally determinate project.
  • Alleviating Homelessness in Chicago 

    DeGroff, Justin (2011-05)
    Alleviating homelessness in Chicago through the creation of a network of self-sufficient, revenue generating support nodes.
  • Architectural Hybrid Studio 

    Emery, Jake (2012-05)
    The innovative institute blends the professionalism of the city with the teachings of a studio-based architecture school in the neighborhood of Bronzeville. Thus, this helps the students become exposed to the real world ...
  • Architecture and the Void: Perceptible Formlessness 

    Hindley, Douglas (2010-07-29)
  • Article review: Competitive Sourcing: The Controversial Initiative? By Denise Lindsey Wells 

    Kurteshi, Rinor (2016-05-15)
    Competitive sourcing tends to be very indefinable topic in president’s management agenda. Competitive sourcing seems to have many skeptics as supporters. In the 2002 Performance Conference of the National Academy of Public ...
  • artiFACT: Art & Cinema Center, Rethinking of Contextuality through Boundaries 

    Aldallal, Mohamed Enis (2011-05)
    Boundary: Sight and Access: Breaking the programmatic elements into fragments allows responding to different contextual forces. Engaging those forces to create a site-specific design can be achieved by means ...
  • Bike Chicago 

    Moore, Matt (2010-07-29)
  • Biophilic Calumet 

    Meder, Robert (2010-07-29)
  • Bloomingdale Trail Revival 

    Jeffrey, Johnson (2010-07-29)
  • Bridging the Gap: Multi-Generational Community Center 

    Lunn, Elizabeth (2012-05)
    This community center was designed to make connections between the different generations to create a truly united community, not just a neighborhood. Each generation has something that they can bring to others, but this ...
  • The Brownfield Renewal Recreation Center 

    babakhanian, Rosika (2011-05)
    This Project is an urban renewal of an abandoned post-industrial land in the calumet region located on Chicago’s far southeast. The Calumet region was once the largest and richest wetland in lower north America, but 120 ...
  • Bucktown Artist's Live/Work Cooperative 

    Collier, T Scott (2011-05)
    By creating affordable live-work environments and a cooperative production facility the project will reestablish the Bucktown neighborhood as a strong and viable artist community in the city of Chicago.
  • Buffalo Food Path 

    Huttel, Anna (2010-07-29)
  • Captured Moments: A Concept for a K-12 Urban School 

    Twardowski, Jacqueline (2012-05)
    The inspiration to develop a vertical urban school originates from rising urban density and the lack of interconnection and identity in some urban environments. The urban condition is a construct of rhythm, memory, and the ...