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  • Moksha Tower 

    Fu, Yalin (2010-05)
    In India, death is considered one of the most important stages of the whole human process.And the traditional funeral process occupied a great quantity of  land in a country with a big population.Moksha tower(cemetery ...
  • Financial Incubators, India 

    Shah, Shruti (2010-05)
  • Hybrid Living Space in the Context of Balat, Istanbul 

    Unal, Nezihe Merve (, 2010-05)
  • The Healing Center in Chicago: Reconnecting Mind And Body 

    Lee, Do Hyung (2010-05-01)
    The city has three fundamental directions in which our life may advance: doing, having, and being. Living in America today means one must be busy 24/7. Be it at work, in the market, or at school, we are asked to do more ...
  • Museum of Architecture and Design 

    Chalermrak, Tearana (2010-05-01)
    This project is about creating a recreation and education center dedicated to the architectural attributes of Chicago. Redevelopment of the Chicago Architecture Foundation is explored through the integration of local museums ...
  • Far Eastern Spatial Techique Utilized in Architectural Design 

    Qian, Zhao (2010-05-01)
    This project spans techniques used in path, enclosure, play of light, perspective illusion, and time measurement. Concepts are arrived at by rational thought, expressing individual experience accessible by persons practicing ...
  • New Urban Living in a Closed City 

    Witzman, Brad (2010-05-01)
    This project is investigating the change in urban dwelling typologies when an impassable perimeter is placed around a city for future social and environmental reasons. I will work in two phases first establishing how the ...
  • Adaptive Building Skin 

    Kim, Minjae (2010-05-01)
    City is made up of diversity and density. Diverse factors make activities and different relationships in a city. These are very sensitive to other factors’ changes. Their various responses make city dynamic and finally ...
  • Transitional Refugee Community: Design Strategy for Dry/Arid Regions 

    Nakalembe, Hanifah (2010-05-01)
    The proposed master’s project is the exploration of how architectural planning and design can improve and increase efficiency in transitional housing during emergency relief and/or conflict related situations. The project ...
  • Charleston 

    Miller, Jason (2010-05-01)
  • Cohousing Dallas 

    Justin, Vaughan (2010-05-01)
    20 Households participated in the process of creating this Cohousing proposal. Cohousing is a type of collaborative housing in which residents actively participate in the design and operation of their own neighborhoods. ...
  • Latino Cultural Center in Chicago 

    Vidal, Francisco (2010-05-01)
    As Latino immigrant families assimilate in to U.S. Society there is the risk that future generations will not learn about their history, culture and traditions. Many Latin people born in the United States do not learn ...
  • Rehabilitation of "Kumbharwada", Dharavi Slums, Mumbai 

    Purandare, Bhakti (2010-05-01)
    Within the slums of India small and unventilated dwellings serve as multipurpose spaces where a families live as well as manufactures pottery products. In terms of production mechanisms, potter’s depend on conventional ...
  • Nibakure Children's Village School 

    May, Bryan (2010-07-13)
  • Lakeshore East Community School 

    Fernandes, Marie (2010-07-29)
  • Sprout: An Urban Outreach Enterprise 

    Basham, David (2010-07-29)
  • Bike Chicago 

    Moore, Matt (2010-07-29)
  • Greenweb 

    Thomas, Boerman (2010-07-29)
  • Civic Space: Kuwait 

    Kassem, Dalal (2010-07-29)
  • Creative Public Library and Material Center 

    Phanuprasit, Praerin (2010-07-29)