This collection is to compile IIT's undergraduate research.

Recent Submissions

  • Saja Speaks Podcast Series 

    Hamayel, Saja (2017-05)
    Saja Speaks is a short 5-episode podcast series depicting my journey through trying to answer a single question: ​ Did all three Abrahamic religions come with the same core message: God is One? ​ Researching the question ...
  • Interview with Jason Camberis 

    Ochwat, Jacob; Kupiec, Lukasz; Hernandez, Yasmeen; Zasadzki, Weronika; Castaneda, Luis (2016-11-16)
  • Interview with Sheri Rubin 

    Dammeier, Cole; Riley, Chris; Aynessazian, Jacob; Zaveri, Raj; Ludwig, Wes (2016-11-21)
    Sheri Rubin was a quality assurance tester for Intelligent Technologies. As a tester, she would play the games for hours searching for odd glitches and such. She played a major role in the development of some of the biggest ...
  • Interview with Sean Davis 

    Nguyen, Ricky; Chionglo, Jeremy; Otgontulga, Khashkhuu; Brekke, Eric; Castellanos, Christopher (2016-11-03)
  • Interview with Rich Huff 

    Rubio, Douglas; Atkins, James; Sipprell, Shawn; Viramontes, Daniel (2016-11-09)
    Midwest Pinball is privately owned and operated by Rich Huff. Rich does repair and cleaning work for pinball machines in the Chicago area. Midwest Pinball does not do work on commercial units, as the company is structured ...
  • Interview with Josh Tsui 

    Brazauskas, A.D.; Hunt, Zulema; Affenit, Rachel; Ma, Xun (2016-11-14)
  • Interview with Jason Cambers 

    Ochwat, Jacob; Kupiec, Lukasz; Hernandez, Yasmeen; Zasadzki, Weronika; Castaneda, Luis (2016-11-16)
    At a young age, Jason Camberis was always intrigued by Video games. He would go to his local corner store just to play on the arcade that the store provided. One thing that he remembered from that childhood experience was ...
  • Interview with Daniel Bishop 

    Armas, Cesar; Parnell, Tesoro; Nguyen, Minh; Scroggins, Colt (2015)
    Mr. David L. Bishop is the Vice President of Namco USA, and works at Level 257 in Schaumberg, Illinois. Growing up working in an arcade as a teen, he instantly fell in love with video games. Defender was the game that ...
  • Interview with Terry Minnich and Jeff Lee 

    Mynes, Jordan; Torres, Fulgencio; Nunez, Sylvia; Badasyan, Zhanna; Wohn, Jared (2015-10-13)
    For our oral history project, we interviewed Jeff Lee, and Terry Minnich who is also known as Trickman Terry. Jeff Lee was an artist that made artwork for Q​­Bert, Exterminator,​ and as well as other freelancing work. ...
  • Rob Lach - Oral History 

    Sansone, Brandon; Sobel, David; Bochnak, Julianna; Kaegebein, Jon; Williams, Evan (2015-10-20)
    Interview with Rob Lach
  • Interview with Patrick O'Malley 

    Jaks, Zdenek; Lopez, Ramon; Grudowski, Noah; Fabian, Efrain; Garcia, Arian (2015-10-16)
    In the heart of the college town of DeKalb, Illinois there is a small arcade of about 45 machines. Looking closer at them, it is clear to see how meticulously clean and well preserved they are, almost like the day they ...
  • Interview with Larry Wilson 

    Gonzalez, David; Curtis, Brian; Molitsky, Michael; Thai, Christopher (2015-10-08)
    Larry Wilson is an electromechanical repair hobbyist, and has been one for most of his life. As a seventeen-year-old, Larry came across his hobby when he discovered a Coke machine at a party. Larry was captured by the sleek ...
  • Interview with Andrew Breyer 

    de la Cerda, Edgar; Debose, Deion; Jiao, Larry; Rigg, Scott; Sutula, Oksana (2015-10)
    In the early days of home video game systems, Atari hosted tournaments where the best players competed to be the world champion for different games on its systems. One such player, Andrew “Andy” Breyer, competed in the ...
  • Interview with Jessica Kent 

    Wojtowicz, Daniel; Vadakumchery, Tony; Polk, Tamia; Toppel, Dennis (2015-10-01)
    Before video games were invented, people initially played coin-op games like skeeball. The most prominent coin-op game was pinball, and its appeal endures to this day. However, the arcade and coin-op scene, including ...
  • Interview with Doc Mack 

    Bahena, Analy; Maciano II, Peter; Sense, Braden; Huff, Le Jalen; Oluduro, Olumide (2014-12-08)
    Asked about what he thinks of competition in the video game industry, Doc Mack says, “It's never a competition. It's video games. It should all be fun.” Doc Mack is the owner of Galloping Ghost, which currently holds the ...
  • Interview with George Spanos 

    Farrell, Taylor; Glavan, Thomas; Grzenia, Stephen; Wira, Phil; Zhang, Shuyu (2014-12-09)
    George Spanos is a game technician living in Schaumburg, Illinois. He works freelance around the Chicago suburbs at arcades and warehouses fixing whatever machines and cabinets are sent his way. Spanos’s first memories of ...
  • Interview with Davin Loh 

    Klima, Zachary; Ma, Yunlong; Odutayo, Olufunlola; Yang, Sunny (2014-11-04)
  • Interview with Jim Zespy 

    Barker, Thomas; Mei, Wei Shao; Elgin, Tobias; Mayorga, Ariana; Moy, Brian (2014-11-21)
    Logan Arcade is a new arcade-bar that opened just February 2014. It features over twenty-five pinball machines and forty-five vintage arcade-games. Owner Jim Zespy collects and restores arcade games, including those in the ...
  • Interview with Whitney Roberts 

    Best, Elizabeth; Czibor, Ryne; Shavers, Jeremiah; Wall, Alex; Daniel, Wente (2014-11-21)
    The history of the video game industry is filled with many people and events that helped develop and design how video games are currently accessed and perceived. As with all things however, this history tends to be swept ...
  • Comprehending the Menger Sponge 

    Alcheikh, Bassil; Leslie, Barett A.; Pichardo, Brian (2012-01-31)
    This poster, created by undergraduate students at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), details Karl Menger's 1926-discovered fractal curve currently known as the Menger sponge. Menger is a former IIT faculty member.

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