Publications, pre-prints, and posters created by the Illinois Institute of Technology's graduate students.

Recent Submissions

  • Interview with Todd Friedman 

    Rao, Xi; Houlihan, Jodi (2015)
  • Interview with Chris Dammacco 

    McNamar, Sydney; Hernandez, Christopher; Nguyen, Michael; Takiddeen, Yasser; Garcia, Jonathan (2015-10-02)
    Chris Dammacco began as a cheese broker for the majority of Midwestern states until one day he confronted a video game shop owner about the poor treatment of his customers; the owner’s response was “If you don’t like the ...
  • Interview with Steven Blajeck 

    Lopez, Ramon (2015)
  • Interview with Thomas Glenn 

    Thai, Christopher; Zhong, Franklin (2015)
  • Interview with Todd Friedman 

    Rao, Xi; Houlihan, Jodi (2015-09-25)
    We conducted an interview with Todd Friedman, a game competitor who holds over 100 game world records, on Sep 25, 2015 at his home in Gurnee, IL. Todd Friedman is a game competitor and competition organizer. His personal ...
  • Interview with Chaz Evans 

    DeAnda, Michael (2014-11-14)
    Chaz Evans is the curator of the Video Game Art Gallery (VGA Gallery), a traveling exhibit established in 2013 that displays pieces of art from video games. VGA Gallery’s co-directors, Jonathan Kinkley and Chaz Evans, have ...
  • Empirical Modeling of Public Safety to Voice Traffic to Aid Emergency Capacity 

    Taher, Tanim; Bacchus, Roger (2012-04-18)
    An RF measurement system with high time resolution is implemented to determine the statistical characteristics of various channels in the Land Mobile Radio bands. The applicability of simple statistical models to the ...
  • A High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging (HARDI) Template of the Human Brain 

    Varentsova, Anna (2011-05-08)
    High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging (HARDI) is a powerful extension of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) capable of resolving intravoxel heterogeneity of fiber orientations which is important for brain connectivity ...

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