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  • Friendly Forces Finder (Semester Unknown) EnPRO 350 

    Conover, Stephen; Braband, Jim; Clovsky, Aaron; Hoylman, Phillip; Hutchins, Sarah; Kawa, Konrad; Bohac, Adam; Roa, Carlos; Wendt, Kevin; Boschert, Drew; Tejada, Saek; Stogner, Jason (2010-12)
    Develop a system that provides a hands-free, networked navigational aid with team tracking capabilities and to develop a market entrance strategy.
  • Integration of Process Improvement (sequence unknown), IPRO 304 - Deliverables 

    Bauer, Jessie; Bergeron, Tony; Campen, Matt; Gruchalski, Erik; Choi, Tae Ki; Marx, Ryan; Murti, Chaitanya; Robbins, Brian; Sohal, Atinder Pal; Stenson, Amanda; Taboada, Alejandro; Zhang, Bingjian (2009-12)
    A. Finkl and Sons require an effective way of detecting carbide inserts on the steel milling machine. These inserts break off due to stress and shape of metal and need to be replaced immediately to avoid further damage to ...
  • Integration of Process Improvements (Semester Unknown) IPRO 304 

    Perry, Jon; Gillmeister, Kyle; Sullins, Mike; Rana, Amar; Hill, Robert; Derdelakos, Alexander; Gotanco, Francis (2010-12)
    During the milling operations at an industrial steel producer like A. Finkl & Sons (Chicago, IL), a substantial amount of time and money is lost due to the fact that cutting inserts break and without warning. The goal of ...