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  • Design of a Large Scale Structure (sequence 315), IPRO 315 - Deliverables 

    Aguilar-Wedge, Carmen; Animashaun, Oladipo; Baur, Alex; Cullen, Michael; Hadi, Shuaib; Hedge, Namrata; Kuo, Steve; Lee, Christopher; Lee, Yongdoo; Rybaltowski, Karol; Scully, Dawveed; Shen, Jie-Hua; Yousef, Shadi (2009-12)
    Located in Oakbrook, IL the architects and engineers of IPRO 315 will design a 22 story hotel. Together architects and engineers will modify and re analyze a structure created by pervious designers, and select any new ...
  • Green Building Design Concept & Integration (sequence unknown), IPRO 335 - Deliverables 

    Avanessian, Aris; Banda, Justine; Bergerson, Joshua; Burke, Jeffrey; Christo, Robert; Dexter, Eric; Kim, Kibum; Mey, Andrew; Okunaga, Jonathan; Razeq, Ali; Schaefer, Jacqueline; Thovar Leon, Adrian; Um, Hye (2009-12)
    The scope of this IPRO project spans structural, architectural, foundation, HVAC, lighting and electric system designs, as well as building cost estimating and professional ethics. The IPRO team will become informed about ...