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  • Development of a Portable Method for Preparing Previously Frozen Red Blood Cells for transfusion (semester?), IPRO 304C 

    Baetz, Eric; Johnson, Derek; Resurreccion, Karen; Tullman, Jennifer; Bir, Sumar; Hmadouch, Ahlam; Dexter, Brogan; Olmos, Oscar; Ravuri, Ventata; Awosika, Clara; Palmer, David; Sutalo, Joseph (2005-05)
    The objective of this project is to develop a system for washing multiple units of red blood cells (RBCs) to be used in an emergency situation. The major aspects of this system to be controlled will be: portability, minimum ...
  • Solar/Wind Hydrogen Fueling Station at IIT (semester?), IPRO 304B 

    Arora, Niyanta; Bartman, Alex; Condei, Michael; Derrick, George; Diao, Abdoulaye; Gottardo, Joseph; Hardin, Kendra; Hubjer, Alija; Isoda, Matthew; Kalynchuk, Aydra; Kolev, Dimitre; Mancina, Adam; McDowell, Amy; Mohammad, Mahdi; Qureshi, Bilques; Sierka, Wojciech; Stauber, Douglas; Vargas, Edwin; Witkowski, Mark (2005-05)
    The objective of this project is to design a renewably powered hydrogen fuelling station at IIT to be part of the Illinois Hydrogen Highway. Based on past recommendations a project site will be selected for the fuelling ...