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  • Architectural Capstone Design (semester?), IPRO 335 

    Allen, Theresa; Peck, Joel; Surface, Rachel; Smith, Ben; Schroeder, Fred; Ortiz, Pedro; Witek, Adam; Salabaj, Daniel; Dantapalli, Sushma; Fehring, Bridget; Peters, Denise; Hebel, Alex (2005-05)
    This project concerns design of a two-story building plus a basement to be constructed on a 60 feet wide by 120 feet long lot. The structure is located in Carbondale, Illinois subject to moderate-high seismic activities. ...
  • Capstone Design - Parking Garage (semester?), IPRO 315 

    Featherstone, Amanda; Ganason, Vina; Grosse, Christopher; Hiner, Ross; Jang, Young; Kazimi, Syed; Lee, Linda; Netherton, Daniel; Olson, Justin; Purpura, John; Rossman, Justin; Suik, Bradley; Thakkar, Chintan; Virani, Minaz (2006-12)
    The plan for this IPRO is to develop a design for a large scale parking garage that can accommodate about 500 cars and will be located on IIT’s main campus. The objective of this project is to develop a design that is ...
  • Large Scale Structure (semester?), IPRO 315 

    Beltran, Julian J.; Carden, Joe; Dominikowski, Marek; Janulis, Lukas; Kapecki, John; Khudeira, Mohamad; Palladino, Nicholas; Patel, Saagar; Patel, Viral; Sawulski, Piotr; Shen, Jie-Hua; Stine, Elijah; Thomas, Seth; Williams, David; Zaatar, Yousef (2007-12)
    The IPRO 315 team’s objective for this semester is to design a automated car parking structure. However, the team’s main objective is to create the most cost efficient and space saving parking lot. This team will also ...