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  • Large Scale Structure (Semester Unknown) IPRO 315 

    Aduroja, Oluwasesan; Aguilar, Fabian; Althoff, Sarah; Aubry, Curtis; Chock, Chris; Dewi, Fransisca; Dlugosz, Anna; Douglas, Carlie; Olson, Sarah; Rodgers, Lucas; Stroot, Jaimi; Aguirre, Arturo; Antonio, Christopher; Cantone, Kyle; Chong, Hon-Kyu; Forneris, Craig; Freund, Ryan; Khan, Qudsia; Laschiazza, Elizabeth; Muresan, Lucian; Rus, Bogdan; Scully, Dawveed; Steffen, Trent; Stenson, Amanda; Urdiales, Miguel; Yeung, Helen (2008-12)
    The intent of the IPRO 315 is to design a large-scale structure. The focus of this IPRO is structural analysis. The advisors of this group thought it would be even more interested if IPRO 335 and IPRO 315 would mesh together ...