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  • Art of Wind Power (semester?), IPRO 314 

    Smith, Lisa; David, Olusegun; Hassrick, Charles; Ha, Sooyoung; Kim, Don Kwan; Moran, Heidi; Rittironk, Supreedee; Schneider, Bret; Chen, April; Diao, Abdoulaye; Henry, Steve; Nguyen, Thinh; Park, Joon; Pula, Janusz; Stewart, Matt; Wessely, Noel; Ellis, Cara; Kruss, Michael; Lee, Jae Min; Hudson, Brendan; Fleming, Robert (2007-05)
    Prototype design for windfarm-scale power production for local and grid use using an industrial corridor that includes Lake Michigan, the Calumet River, and brownfields within a portion of the proposed Calumet Heritage Corridor.