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  • The Pilgrim project: IIT and the Stroll (Fall 2003) IPRO 332 

    Wadhwani, Steven; Lambert, Bob; Cleveland, Rayshaun; Ortega, Uriel; Velazquez, Itzi; Kim, Young (Hannah); Matthews, Stuart; Gonzalez, Ricardo; Vinz, Charles; Dederer, Christian; Edwardson, John; Day, Jasen; Hadhazy, Melissa; Iyare, Jackie; Rush, Wyatt; Adams, Aaron; Watanabe, Elissa (2003-12)
    This project will assist Pilgrim Baptist Church in developing archival, instructional, and commercial materials for the non-sectarian Thomas A. Dorsey Community and Cultural Arts Center, which will be located at the corner ...
  • Sick Building Syndrome, Building Related Illness and Indoor Air Quality (Spring 2003) IPRO 335 

    Brady, Katie; Chladil, Laura; Gwozdz, Katie; Hadhazy, Melissa; Kim, WooJoo; Parai, Rajarshi; Patel, Ronak; Pisarek, Anna; Sawardecker, Erin; Yardley, Nate; Yum, Juil (2003-05)
    Sick Building Syndrome is a general category for a number of ailments, allergies, and complaints, all due to some physical aspect of a building, usually related to the ventilation system. The existence of low levels of ...