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  • Energy and Environment Based Architectural Research & Design (Spring 2002) IPRO 323 

    Fard, Abbaszadeh Sahar; Ibrahim, Magdy; Park, Sang Min; Veselinovic, Goran; Geroulis, Michael; Cruz, Emerald; Kelly, Russell; Phillips, Kelby; Lau, Erika; Chung, Allan; Morzyc, Alicja; Panek, Katherine; Trojniak, Rafal; Chan, Ching; Pecaut, Meghan; Phillips, Lindsey; Staley, Shane (2002-05)
    The goal of this IPRO research/design project is to establish an ongoing energy-based architectural studio. The studio will focus on a specific project, but in an investigative and experimental manner. The end result of ...