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  • Designing Affordable Housing out of Shipping Containers for Chicago (Semester Unknown) IPRO 339 

    Bocanova, Veronica; Cheung, Yu; Couillais, Marc; Eliyahu, Haim; Fanelli, Daniel; Georieva, Ludmila; Iversen, Jennifer; Kerrigan, Michael; Luu, Dung; Miller, Justin; Olszowy, Krzysztof; Peroni, Joe; Prisic, Mladen; Rankin, Daniel; Siwek, Steven; Snyder, David; Spedale, Christopher; Univeros, Ana; Ustupska, Aneta; Villalpando, Rosagain (2009-05)
    The City of Chicago has been nominated as the U.S. Bid City for the 2016 Olympic Games. If Chicago was to win the honorable tile of the Host City, one of the main challenges that the organizers will face is to provide a ...
  • Small-Scale Desalination (Semester Unknown) EnPRO 354 

    Adamczyk, Paul; Au, Bonnie; Bijonowski, Brent; Fanelli, Daniel; Hoxha, Edlira; Krauszowska, Monika; Pham, Nga; Rauf, Aamir; Schlessinger, Hannah; Wolber, Brian (2010-05)
    Freshwater is one of Earth’s most precious resources and is now increasing in scarcity. Global warming induced climate change is now changing rain patterns and causing record drought, growing global populations are increasing ...