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  • BP Whiting Refinery Expansion: Developing Lake Michigan Wastewater Cleanup Options (Semester Unknown) IPRO 346 

    Ashrafi, Sahar; Ballard, Ray; Chock, Chris; Chung, Yak Yong; Fakhouri, Hana; Ferrese, Anthony; Fernando, Fernando; Haak, Laura; Hammes, Katherine; Kim, Jichul; Leasenby, Alex; Lewis, Richard; Li, Zhi; Malon, David; Michael, Henry; Park, Miri; Reimann, Kirsten; Roberts, Ben; Song, Jong Mu; Taracena, Willy; Truong, Josie; Ucci, Russel; Vassi, Anna; Walter, Michael; Witek, Andrew; Yoo, Jaewon; Zhao, Yin (2008-05)
    IPRO346 will focus on familiarizing itself with British Petroleum’s (BP) wastewater treatment plant (WTP) for its oil refinery in Whiting, IN. Specifically, this IPRO will analyze the current permits and their stipulations ...
  • Design & Build Chicago Scale Model for Dynamic Disaster Simulation (Semester Unknown) IPRO 317 

    Balido, Jodi; Cryriac, Mary; Macklin, Brandon; Martin, Sonya; Myers, Donald; Sochor, Daniel; Balkany, Grahm; Fakhouri, Hana; O'Brien, Daniel; Trusewych, Marco; Brassil, Michael; Luu, Dung; Mitchell, La Luce; Parry, David (2008-05)
    The model project is complex, involving a good degree of materials consumption and labor, and will require many disciplines working together to produce a consistent and seamless result. With this in mind, careful planning ...
  • Production of BioDiesel From Renewable Sources (Semester Unknown) IPRO 347 

    Ismail, Malisa; Leep, Nick; Wiese, Matthew; Hong Li, Zhi; Haire, Marisa; Prabha Kumar, Abhishek; Clark, Michael; Bratko, Michael; Kieser, Jeremy; Mertens, Scott; Ogata, Kenneth; Rabindranath, Anjuli; McGrath, Alexander; Duarte, Julia; Yoshimura, Maruja; Orekoya, Moyosoreoluwa; Fakhouri, Hana; Zheng, Min; Khiabani, Ali; Choi, Minsung; Ackermann, Paul; Fatade, Oladotun; Zajkowska, Urszula (2010)
    Our goal is to research and design an efficient and economically feasible process for production of biodiesel from vegetable oil.