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  • Know IIT Ales (Semester Unknown) IPRO 321 

    Adamczyk, Paul; Adebowale, Kolade; Faisal, Alanzi; Alhassan, Abdalmohsen; Amelio, Sam; Au, Bonnie; Choi, Minsung; Colmenares, Andre; George, Keller; Horn, Whitney; Husein, Amjed; Isbell, Tobiah; Johnson, Grahm; Krolikiewicz, Michael; Kyle, Ryan; Llarenas, Jordan; Lucas, India; Olorunoje, Kamal; Panchal, Heta; Raddatz, Andrew; Rajagopalan, Raksha; Rodriguez, Ricardo; Singh, Jaya; Somo, Sami (2011-05)
    Beer is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. The culture of brewing beer is one that continues to attract the attention of people from all walks of life. Beer can be differentiated one from another in terms of ...