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  • Refuable Electric Car (Semester Unknown) IPRO 313 

    Ashworth, Christopher; Castaneda, Anthony; Day, Joshua; Enwerem, Chinonso; Fairbanks, David; Gibbs, Jeremy; Guo, Kunlun; Hong Ip, Young; Kim, Yoosuk; Kocagoz, Sevi; Oblenida, Ryan; Ramirez, Alejandro; Shpuntova, Galina; Vetter, Price; Zaug, Julia (2010-05)
    To make significant strides toward creating a working prototype of a refuelable electric vehicle using a zinc air battery and to raise public awareness of the potential of this technology.
  • Zinc-Fuel Cell Powered Car (sequence unknown), IPRO 313 - Deliverables 

    Sivanyanam, Sithambara; Ong, Wai; Shpuntova, Galina; Ludden, Shanon; Vetter, Jonathan; Sadja, Joel; Dado, Mathew; Ajigbo, Oluwafunso; Fairbanks, David; Slomiany, Krzysztof; Bjerke, Brian; Aihara, Rodrigo; Ragsdale, Christopher; Zaug, Julia; Lane, Brendan; Rial, Alexander; Ruszczak, Erich; Shaw, Kaumil; Sokolic, Jordan; Assaliyski, Marin (2009-12)
    The team’s objective is to design a refuelable electric vehicle based on a zinc‐air battery, that is comparable to a current consumer vehicle in performance, cost, and safety; and to also develop a system for zinc fuel ...