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  • Operational Considerations in Wind Power Generation (Semester Unknown) IPRO 303 

    Adeola, Olaoluwa; Catalina, Christopher; Cervantes, Jesus; Claxton, Sara; Erogbogbo, Samad; Fairall, Earl; Ike, Richard; Keane, Robert; Lakiotis, Kristina; Melko, Aaron; Michael, Mithun; Patel, Viral; Ruffatto, Donald (2008-12)
    The Fall 2008 semester of IPRO 303 will investigate and analyze the economic and technical details of the wind-turbine electricity generation industry. The IPRO 303 team will be focusing on the impact of equipment failures ...
  • Smart Binoculars for Military & Civilian Use (sequence unknown), IPRO 350 - Project Plan 

    Bubert, Casey; Fairall, Earl; Hopkins, Dong; Hutchins, Sarah; Kobayashi, Jonathan; McCluskey, John; Pain, Muhammad; Patel, Purvag; Roa, Carlos; Spitler, Noah (2009-12)
    GPS modules and tracking devices have influenced many advances in modern technology. The data GPS provides has replaced the map and compass, and can be crucial in many situations. Its current platform for use however ...
  • Smart Specs for Civilian Military Applications (Semester Unknown) EnPRO 350 

    Fairall, Earl; Patel, Purvag; Spitler, Noah; Bubert, Casey; Hopkins, Dong; Hutchins, Sarah; McClusky, John; Pain, Muhammad; Roa, Carlos; Kobayashi, Jonathan (2009-12)
    In the real world, receiving the right information at the right time exacts success or failure. In the growing sport of paintball, every little edge counts towards victory. Real Time Initiative offers Smart Specs to our ...