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  • Development of A High Dielectric Constant Material (SPring 2002) IPRO 327 

    Brock, Ginny; Brudniki, Jason; Kourtev, Hristiyan; Tolba, Ahmed; Verma, Sameer; Evans, Minh; Grzenia, Beth; Julius, Julien; Stainbrook, Joe (2002-05)
    The next generation approach to high speed electrical interconnects has been conceptualized, and the principal technical hurdle is the development of a suitable dielectric material. The overall objective of the program is ...
  • Intranet Mediators (Fall 2001) EnPRO 356 

    Beitzel, Steve; Jensen, Eric; Evans, Minh; Krahn, Andy; Lagunova, Natasha; Oenoki, Kazushi; Pilotto, Angelo; Schmeltzer, Dan; Tanabe, Davin; Lee, Michael (2001-12)
    Current web search engines only search unstructured data (web documents). A lot of data is available that is structured (weather, census, sports, etc.). A search engine that could search both structured data and text would ...