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  • Augmented Reality Technologies (Semester Unknown) IPRO 355 

    Jose, Savina; Ramsamy, Devaraj; Rusz, Vlad; Zhang, Meng; Bain, Adam; Estrada, Maximillian; Madsen, Timothy; Mizek, Jeffrey (2008-05)
    In the construction industry, safety is obviously a big concern. Companies take many precautions to reduce the number of incidents that occur to reduce costs and save lives. As one of these precautions, construction companies ...
  • Innovating Process Improvements in Manufacturing Operations (Semester Unknown) IPRO 304 

    Abhay, Anandha; Bergeron, Anthony; Catalina, Christopher; Entler, Jason; Estrada, Maximillian; Huish, Joel; Patel, Vishal; Quach, Vien; Taggart, Jay; Sunghwan, Yeo (2009-05)
    The purpose of this IPRO is to develop a robust, working prototype that can automatically monitor and detect a problem with a milling machine at A. FInkl & Sons Co. This IPRO is in its fourth semester and there are two ...