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  • Semantic News Aggregation Software (Semester Unknown) IPRO 327 

    Bathum, Nick; Estola, Evan; Kim, Jaeyeon; Mundrawala, Jay; Osswald, Chris; Schmitz, Pete; Zangenehzadeh, Cameron (2008-12)
    Design and build software to provide Web searchable news data and related semantic information from current events. This information will be extracted from online news sources, processed by our software to add semantic ...
  • Semantic Web News Engine (Semester Unknown) IPRO 327 

    Copeland, Daniel; Estola, Evan; Kaim, Max; Mundrawala, Jay; Peterson, Steven; Price Jr, Daniel; Rawlings, Ori; Rodriguez, Laura; Sirotzke, Daniel (2009-05)
    The Swyne Project‟s objective is to extend the capabilities of the semantic search engine developed in the previous semester of this particular IPRO project. Proposed extensions include the ability to search for “entities” ...