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  • Designing Affordable Housing out of Shipping Containers for Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and Chicago, Illinois (Semester Unknown) IPRO 339 

    Darwish, Muhammad; Dole, Shreyas; Droescher, Ruth; Escobar, Fabian; Young Kim, Ja; Klemens, Mariusz; Lebak, Joshua; Martinez, Michael; Michael, Harry; Monroe, Brett; Mordecai, Lauren; Nikhat, Sumayya; Ramier, Thales; Rios, Adriana; Rivera, Vince; Seo, Andrew; Standard, Steve; Sullivan-Fedock, John; Valdez, Maribel; Vander Heyden, Aubrey; Villa, Jacquelin; Williams, Allisyn (2008-07)
    Currently there are several countries throughout the world that have a large need for affordable housing. Our IPRO is currently dealing with solutions for Juarez, Mexico and Chicago, Illinois. These two places are very ...