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  • Design Project for Production of IFN-alpha (semester?), IPRO 345 

    Aluko, Nifemi; Ogunsanwo, Olumide; Ahmed, Syed; Singhal, Pankaj; Agrawal, Vaibhav; Hussain, Shan Iqbal; Haase, Mark; Bui, Phuong; Rivera, Robert; Amine, Rachid; Babjak, Alan; Chu, Vu; Eapen, Rahul; Gudivada, Medhavi; Diao, Abdoulaye; Tran, Minh; Schamber, Eric; Samee, Irfan; Khan, Syed; Hwang, Taeho; Marcus, Zander (2006-05)
    The IPRO goal was to design a process for the production of the biotherapeutic compound IFN-Alpha from Chinese Hamster ovaries. After the process design was complete, a process flow diagram showing the actual process and ...
  • State Farm: Communicating Effectively to the 18-25 Age Group (semester?), IPRO 305 

    Brilla, John; Cieszynski, Kamil; Eapen, Rahul; Egwu, Uchenna; Mihovilovich, Anthony; Reid, Rebekah; Reyes, Mauricio; Seth, Shilpi; Steinmetz, Edwin (2007-12)
    The purpose of IPRO 305 was to conduct market research on the State Farm® advertising campaigns developed by three Marketing Research practicum classes at the Stuart School of Business in the Spring of 2007.