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  • Environments and Urban Wood Reclamation (Semester Unknown) IPRO 350 

    Stepniewski, Jesse; Haywood, Philip; Ostapenko, Maksym; Cabrera, Joshua; Springfield, Keegan; Perkins, William; Connelly, David; Sahm, Nic (2009-05)
    The Urban Wood Reclamation project is an enormous movement that has a great number of current supporters and the promising future of many more. Our objectives will work in conjunction with the grand scheme of the project. ...
  • Swimming Aid for Visually Impaired Swimmers (Semester Unknown) IPRO 310 

    Alvargonzalez, Marta; Malon, Dave; Keane, Robert; Lin, Jeffrey; Cordogan, Paul; Biyawerwala, Hussain; Patel, Shital; Ragauskis, Kevin; Salimi, Mahdieh; Hubbard, McLain; Przybysz, Nick; Dudek, Ryan; Daay, Fiona; Cabrera, Joshua; Leasenby, Alex; Karns, Nicole; Lichaj, Andrew (2008-07)
    This project aims to help visually impaired individuals to exercise independently. While the primary focus this semester will be enabling visually impaired swimmers to swim independently, other physical activities will ...