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  • Aiding Virtual Organization (Semester Unknown) EnPRO 353 

    Babel, Sebastian; Bennett, Casey; Dhewaju, Anusuya; Ann Gan, Kok; Jeong, Ah Reum; Heun Kim, Kee; Schweiger, James; Kang, Minsoo (2008-05)
    The objective for IPRO 353 is to evaluate the business opportunities for iGroups. We will do this by drafting a business plan, which will be evaluated for feasibility and a final report will be issued, for suggestions ...
  • Comarch Pocket XL (semester?), IPRO 349F 

    Jedynak, Miroslaw; Garcia, Francisco; Babel, Sebastian; Kijasm, Tomasz; Wasniowski, Michal (2007-07)
    The objective of this group is to produce barcode scanning software for warehouse acceptance. This means that when a warehouse receives an item (or items) information is generated about that item from its barcode that lets ...