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  • BUOY (Semester Unknown) IPRO 310 

    Baar, Coleman; Dykeman, Kimberly; Hotz, Thomas; Kruse, Kevin; Kwiatkowski, Lisa; Lane, Brendan; Lopez, Roman; Reilly, Jeffrey; Sarkar, Smita; Sowiak, Joanna; Stelcel, Carl; Winston, Nithin; Zhou, Raymond (2009-07)
    Our mission is to develop, test, and implement assistive technology with the community that promotes safety and improves independence of blind and visually impaired (BVI) swimmers.
  • BUOY (Semester Unknown) IPRO 310 

    Baar, Coleman; Freund, Ryan; Kruse, Kevin; Li, Li; Ma, Zhi; Murdock-Barriball, Meghan; Ng, Man; Rehman, Mohammed; Reilly, Jeffrey; Turrentine, Lorne; Yew, Hsuen; Zhang, Bingjian (2009-05)
    The problem posed with blind and visually impaired (BVI) swimmers is one of safety and independence. BVI individuals need to be able to orientate themselves in a swimming pool and avoid obstructions like lane-lines, pool ...