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  • Combating Underage Drinking and Driving (Semester Unknown) IPRO 351 

    Hajakian, Melene; Cartabiano, Vincent; Abbasi, Rawan; Salem, Stephanie; Macon, Briana; Graham, Stuart; Kurenty, Edinam; Mazur, Mikayla; Menezes, Sandra; Nealy, Kimberly; Svaldi, Jared; Szalko, Alex; Wong, Claire (2010-12)
    A. The team purpose is to combat underage drinking and driving B. Application/Testing Design:  To develop i-phone applications New/Existing Tech:  Develop a comparable device that will be competitive in the ...
  • Greening and Reuse of Queen of Peace High School Facilities (Semester Unknown) IPRO 314 

    Sahm, Nic; Ihmoud, Sana; Murdock, Meghan; Pfeifer, Sarah; Abbasi, Rawan; Dralle, Kyle; Dudek, Ryan; Pfeifer, Sarah; James, Rossi,; Mimi, Wide; Pedersen, Erin; Shah, Kaumil (2008-12)
    The problem posed at Queen of Peace High School is one of sustainability. The IPRO 314 team will focus on the reuse and greening of existing school facilities and grounds. Three major spaces currently hold latent potential ...
  • An Online Teachers Community for Chicago Public Schools (Semester Unknown) IPRO 320 

    Abbasi, Rawan; Enverga, John; Goldstein, Linda; Jafarey, Usman; Seung Kim, Min; Kruger, Evan; Mishra, Lory; Moses, Justin; Pasari, Shruti; Smith, Anthony; Zelenskiy, Aleksandr (2008-05)
    Our objective for this semester is to have a prototype of a web community to be used by teachers. The community will consist of 100 registered teachers and feature a front page, a forum, and a wiki with 50 complete articles. ...