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  • IACRL2016_Poster_Group Study and Beyond 

    Mirza, Nasir (2016-03-16)
    Group Study Suite (GSS) was created to support collaborative study at Illinois Tech’s Galvin Library. It has evolved into functions not considered at its inception. This poster will illustrate how a space thought of having ...

    NIE, CHENGHUI (2015-05)
    An Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), incorporating a high level of obstacle avoidance capability, benefits from field operations. Such a UGV would be better able to travel at a high average speed to quickly finish tasks, ...
  • Identifying and articulating library connections to student success 

    Massengale, Lisa; Piotrowski, Pattie (2016-05-18)
    Galvin library has begun a systematic process of measuring the library’s connection to, and impact on, student success. This presentation will discuss the connections between academic success outcomes such as GPA by ...

    Accurate and sensitive discrimination of cancerous tissue from the healthy tissue has been a difficult problem to deal with, resulting in the incomplete resection of cancerous tissue and giving rise to ‘call-back’ surgery. ...
  • IIT Archives Collects...Max Jakob, 2007 

    Bruck, Catherine (2007)
    Powerpoint slides created as digital capture of "IIT Archives Collects...Max Jakob" physical exhibit researched, written, and curated by Catherine Bruck, University Archivist.
  • IIT Creating Access to Remote Electronic Support (Summer 2011) IPRO 345 

    Kos, Carolyn; Valio, Nicole; Michael, Hazel; Chinzorig, Unubold; Johnson, Kendra (2011-07)
    The purpose of IPRO 345 is to improve and mobilize the data and remote health care system for Mount Sinai Hospital. Specifically, this project aims to create a data support to aid diabetic patients within 500 meters of the ...
  • IIT Golf Schedule, 1971 

    Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Institute of Technology, 1971)
  • IIT Intranet Mediator for USHMM (Semester Unknown) IPRO 316 

    Reimann, Kirsten; Oke, Babajide; Rodriguez, Ricky; Dornbusch, Don; Attard, Ryan; Camp, Kelsey; Khanna, Omaditya; Kim:, Daniel; Oke, Babajide; Reinhardt, Jesse; Kirtley, Calvin; Meno, Joel; Song, JongHwa; Veliyathuparambil, Deepthi; Alhassan, Abdalmohsen; Amegasse, Pierre-Paul; Hawker, Corey; Kyle, Ryan; Rodriguez, Hector; Sajdak, Piotr; Sakla, Emmanuel; Wiseman, Christopher (2009-05)
    The world energy market is rapidly approaching a crossroads. As fossil fuel resources become sparser and fuel prices skyrocket, everyone is looking for the next best energy source. But not only does it need to be affordable, ...
  • IIT Reality - finding a Job as an IIT Grad (semester?), IPRO 333 

    Banuelos, Jaime; Battaglia, Andrew; Campana, Julia; Hallak, Rania; Lenzen, Paul; Mahmud, Saba; Mashruwala, Neil; McCourt, Michael; Ogunride, Adejoke; Shelton, Brandi; Tariq, Afan; Todd, Robert (2006-05)
    The objective of Ipro 333 is to create a documentary capturing the experience of IIT students trying to find a job after graduation. This is going to be done through a 3 semester process in which the group must plan, film, ...
  • The IIT Reality: Finding a Job (semester?), IPRO 333 

    Allen, David Charles; Campana, Julia; Carlton, Kyle; Dela Cruz, Miguel; Lenzen, Paul; Mims, Megan; Olmos, Oscar; Pham, Christian; Pula, Janusz; Roberts, Ben; Woods, Carolyn J. (2006-12)
    This semester IPRO 333, Video Documentary – Getting a Job after Graduation, is aiming its effort to help Illinois Institute of Technology Students get better jobs after graduation. This continuation of an earlier IPRO will ...
  • IIT Robotics Initiative (Semester 1 of Unknown), IPRO 316 

    Patel, Shirali; Burica, Nicholas; DeMarco, Eugenia; Hovde, Jonathan; Jones, Christopher; Krol, Daniel; Monis, Gabriela; Oyuela, Henry; Stachowitz, Paul (2004-05)
    IPRO 316 is in the business of innovation. Divided into multiple subgroups, each working on a unique, robotics oriented endeavor, the goal of the IPRO is to explore and develop robotics while gaining an understanding of ...
  • IIT Saves Water (Summer 2011) IPRO 346 

    Li, Cheng; Ruth, Anthony; Romo-Ortiz, Esther; Kenward, Joshua; Patel, Mansi; Natarajan, Narayan; Rajagopalan, Raksha; Tapia, Rene (2011-07)
    The purpose of this project is the advancement in knowledge of, and applied practical solutions to the challenges of sustainability in regards to a very specialized area of water conservation. The harvesting of air conditioner ...
  • IIT Sustainability Branding (Semester Unknown) IPRO 311 

    Aguilar, Alejandro; Alexander, Richard; Animashaun, Oladipo; Chauhan, Mark; Ellsworth, Seth; Glover, Crystal; Krupp, Kevin; Patel, Nim; Scheer, Colin; Tadros, Nader (2009-05)
    This is a continuing IPRO with the overall aim of improving and enhancing the image of Illinois Institute of Technology, both as an institution and a physical campus, in regards to sustainability and “green” practices. ...
  • IIT's Solar Hydrogen project (Spring 2003) IPRO 301 

    Al-Hallaj, Said (2003-05)
    Theobjectivesofthisprojectaretodesign,assemble and demonstrate a stand-alone distributed power generation system, which utilizes clean energy to power an LED sign. The sole purpose of the sign is to promote solar energy ...
  • IIT's Workshops for Integrating Ethics into Technical Courses : Some Lessons Learned 

    Davis, Michael (Philosophy Documentation Center, 2006)
    In 1990, IIT's Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions received a grant of more than $210,000 from the National Science Foundation to try a campus-wide approach to integrating professional ethics into its technical ...
  • IITRI Administration Building Model, Chicago, Ill., 1963 

    Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute (1963)
  • IITRI Metals Building, Chicago, Ill., 1963 

    Unknown author (1963)
  • IITRI Tower, Chicago, Ill. 

    Unknown author (1960-1969)